Bounty Hunter Pioneer 202

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Avg. Durability: 5 stars!4.71
Avg. Ease of use: 5 stars!4.86
Maximum detection depth

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Not so great

September 07, 2008
The first time I used this machine I was fairly satisfied with the results. Two years later after not using it so much, I got new batteries for it and took it to the beach. It gave false readings every other step. I had the sensitivity at the same level as the first time I used it when I had good results. This time it had acted very irratically.
I took it home and tested it with several coins on the ground. It would read a quarter as zinc and either the depth or the coin it claimed to find was incorrect. I dont know who the other reviewers are, but I dont find this product as great as they do.

Overall Rating 2 stars


I love my bounty hunter 202 and tesoro umax

September 06, 2008
I think of it as my coin hunting hound. I just cant use it enough on my days off from work. It loves silver coins. I also like the tesoro umax that is also great on silver. Both detectors are my keepers. Thanks bounty hunter and tesoro.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Great On Pinpointing

August 28, 2008
To start off the bounty hunter is great at finding old coins. I found a few nice silver coins and a few nice copper wheats around old home sites that my trusty whites failed to pick out. Pinpointing is easy by moveing coil in an X pattern over target. At the strongest beep dig your target. In closeing of this review. Radioshack sells pinpointers for those that cant learn how to pinpoint. I also may add Radio shack sells hearing aids for those who think you need ears like a cat to here the tones. HH

Overall Rating 5 stars!


The truth

July 26, 2008
So here it is this detector is a really good detector although it has some major flaws one being pin pointhing with the detector is not all that great but if you get used to it its accurate depth is pretty good not what you would get with a better detector for more money but for the price and it being bought at walmart you get your moneys worth.

Another thing is that the coil is good but its going to act up on you in trashy areas pieces of foil will send it going crazy between foil and 1 cent. See I started on the quick silver 1 great machines I wouldn't say its the greatest beating other brands but it does a great job the stock coil is great awesome beginner detector, but down the line you may need to switch coils, I suggest the coil from the quick silver 1 if you can find one or the other smaller coil. All in all you will get your moneys worth.

Overall Rating 4 stars


Don't Know How You Can Beat It!

July 14, 2008
I just bought this pioneer 202 yesterday (July 13 2008, I watched the DVD and hit my buddies yard to see what this thing could do. I have never used a metal detector before or have ever talked to anyone about them, But I'm getting ready to go to the beach and I figured, what the heck, It will give me something to do in the evenings.
Anyhow within 15 min of searching I found his wedding ring he lost 9 years ago about 3 inches deep.
This detector paid for itself with-in 15 minutes of using it (In my eyes and his wifes anyhow.)
Took it to the river while fishing that evening too, Found a penny 4 inches deep in clay.
It is user friendly and the volume is fine especially since I have a tough time hearing lower tones.
Go ahead! Go get yourself one you wont be disappointed.

Overall Rating 5 stars!



March 22, 2008
I have the Pioneer 202 its the same thing as the Quick Draw II. What a metal detector! This metal detector keeps up with the big boys on the block. My friends with there Minlabs and White's can't beleave how good it works. Its a DEEP coin finding metal detector. My best advice is the more you use it, the more you learn about it, the more nice stuff you'll find! My best coin so far is 1924 D VF-20 Penny. I hope this helps. Happy hunting!!

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Pioneer 202/Quick Draw II a Bargain

March 10, 2008
I received one for Christmas and have had a lot of fun with it. It performs well, has very good sensitivity and depth, and the metal discrimination is nice. I bought the 4" Gold Coil from for $29 with free shipping. It works well and is good for "trashy" areas, i.e. areas that have multiple targets close together. The smaller search coil allows you to pick up one at a time. The only drawbacks are that it does not have a pinpoint function and no volume adjustment (I recommend headphones). Check out for super package deals!

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Happy customer

February 26, 2008
I just got a Bounty Hunter Quick Draw II, this is the same as a Bounty Hunter Pioneer 202. I have found this detector to be easy to use, and it performs even better than I expected it would. If you are looking at detectors on ebay, I would suggest looking at, that is where I got mine, it was cheaper, and it was brand new, and I knew I had support. Happy Hunting

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Bounty Hunter 202 A Real Work Horse

September 08, 2007
I bought a bounty hunter 202 to see for myself how good they work. I took it out in my yard were I had hunted with my more expensive 300 to 800 dollar detectors. The first good signal showed dime at 10 inch down. I figured that has to be a false reading. I dug it up and there it was a 1931 murcury dime with a S stamped on the back of it. I also found a sterling silver ring later that day at a park that I also thought I had combed over. The bounty hunter has proven itself to me. I liked it so much I sold my more expensive detectors that I think is so funny that people get sucked into the name brand like myself. I think the bounty hunter 202 and fisher have something in common as to how well they work. By the way Texas instruments bought fisher out. The fisher F4 coil will enterchange with some newer bounty hunters like the great 202. Happy hunting B.W.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Great detector for your bucks

July 08, 2007
Best detector I've owned yet!!lightweight with accurate detecting diagnostics.I've found alot of coins and a 10k gold birthstone ring in Florida while on vacation.Great battery life with
headphones.It emits different tones for each coin
along with digital readout for probable coin detected.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


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