Bounty Hunter Pioneer 202

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Avg. Durability: 5 stars!4.71
Avg. Ease of use: 5 stars!4.86
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Pioneer 202

July 08, 2007
I've had my 202 foe several years now, just never had much time to use it. The oldest things I've found are a couple of old dog licenses.
Yesterday I went to one of the beaches here along Lake Erie. I didn't find anything on the beach, but did find some coins in a grassy area. In one spot my display said a quarter 8" down, a Good signal, so I started to dig. About 4" down I found a 1963 penny. I thought to myself, YOU LYING SACK OF S/?;#! Before I covered my hole I thought I'd double check, It said quarter 6" down.
I dug a bit more and there it was 1988 quarter, Just above that hole it read, dime 6" down and there it was. I gotta learn to trust this thing!!
It is very accurate in depth, and what is there. Someday I'll find somethin' good.

Overall Rating 5 stars!



April 20, 2007
I bought a 202 the other day. Its a mans best friend finding those old coins. Its low cost and it will definately out perform most any high end machine out there. Its a great machine all around.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Learning more everyday

March 15, 2007
I have finally learned how to adjust the discriminate feature so thatI don't dig so many pulltabs. It is a simple matter of waving a pulltal across the coil until the tone stops sounding. All you have to do is press the disc/all metal touchpad and turn the knob clockwise until the tone stops.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Update from last review

March 09, 2007
Since my first review I have had an chance to study the instruction manual and take my pioneer 202 to my local park/picnic area. I found a diamond ring at 4 inches that has been appraised at 2000 dollars! I am either the luckiest guy in town, or this metal detector is the best investment I ever made! I also found $2.60 in various newer coins. If I never find another thing I will be happy with this detector.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Best detector for its price

March 05, 2007
I bought a pioneer 202 at Walmart for $198, and could not be happier. This is a great detector for coin shooting! I searched my front yard (a 70 year old rowhouse) and immediately detected a 1942 wheat penny at 10 inchs! The machine accurately indicated a penny at 10 inches, I can't wait to search my local park with this machine. By the way, I have never used a metal detector in my life before this experience.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Pioneer 202 - Low Price, High Performance

March 04, 2007
Some may poo-poo this detector because it can be bought at ANY Wal-Mart. I have used this detector for about a year now, and it out-performs many of the White's, Garret's, and even MineLabs. The readout is acurate for common coinage, but is a little more tricky for gold/silver unless you buy the 4" coil. The 10" coil is a MUST if you want to cover ground quickly and find objects burried deeper than say 5". All in all, I am in no hurry to buy any other detector. For those who can not hear the tones, Radio Shark sells a pair of Monaural Headphones for $20.00 that work great.
Happy Hunting...

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Bounty 202

December 30, 2006
Though this is not the top of the line, it works great once one knows how to use it. There use to be a railroad back in the 1800's that ran by the house -- no longer any tracks or anything now - but it picked up an old track nail just fine. Not much but I know I held in my hand something from the past. I know this machine can compare to some of the more costly metal detectors.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Need ears like a cat

September 24, 2006
I bought the pioneer 202 and was disapointed. I also have the pioneer ex which cost $100.00 less. The problem I had was the very low tones emited even with silver. What I mean is that the volume was so low that I had trouble hearing the tones. I found more with the ex.and at depths of 7". I just purchased the pioneer 505 after returning the 202. I am hoping that it will do the job. So purchase either the cheaper ex or the 505, forget the 202.

Overall Rating 2 stars


Just got the Pioneer 202

August 02, 2006
After my Whites 5000D crapped out, I got away from metal detecting until after my wife got me the Pioneer today for my birthday. I slapped in the batteries and did a quick watch of the DVD and walked out the front door. Within 30 seconds I got my first signal and popped out a 1959 dime about 4 inches deep...just as the readout said! I had to quit there as I had to get ready for work, but anxious to set up my "test area" in the backyard to learn it's capabilities. First impression is "so far, so good!"

Overall Rating 4 stars


202 beats Garrett!

May 04, 2006
I just bought my Bounty Hunter 202 today.Ive had one white and two Garretts in the past.My last detector was the Garrett 2000.I paid about 700 bucks for it.It was all in all a decent machine.(i thought!) Ive been hunting the same old farm that i live on for about 5 years now.I thought i found about all the crap and stuff out here already.Well anyway,i had to get rid of my Garrett.Figured what the heck and bought the 202 today.200 bucks at Walmart. Started right away when i got home at the same spots i just did with my spendy Garrett the summer before. This 202 picked up about a half dozen coins in maybe 10 min. All were about 4 inches down,just as the 202 coin depth meter showed.It gives a solid high beep with the coins and a low or inconsistent tone for junk.After about 2 times of digging junk i turned up the Disc/notch a tad and Walla no more junk!! Great detector!! Blows me away that it out performed the Garrett! 5+ Stars for sure.Very good detector for the $!

Overall Rating 5 stars!


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