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Whites surfmaster pi

November 18, 2009
If you have trouble with you pi on depth on gold like I had, just open the control box & if you have the manual you will know where the volume screw is for your head phones, you don't need to touch the threshold screw but right behind the sensitivity control button is the same little box with a screw with red paint on it just turn the screw round to the right just a little at one time & wave a ring in front of the coil until you gain max depth.

Since I done that to my surf master I have found much more gold at a good depth of 13 to 15 inches with a wedding band, but you probably get even more depth on lot heaver rings if you can get them out the wet sand, but give it a go see how you get on coz I reckon that the factory setting are just not set right & you cant go wrong the screw only turns half way & you can put it back to the same setting where it sits back with the red paint,over than that GREAT MACHINE FOR THE WET. Good luck happy hunting, wagg bournemouth UK

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Surfmaster pi ,one excellent detector

August 27, 2009
I just bought a like new surfmaster P.I. on ebay so I could hunt the wet sand at the jersey shore. I love this machine for wet sand beaches, I've used it for 18 hrs of detecting now and have found 2, 14KT gold rings both wedding bands. The first one was down 11 inches a mans size 12 wedding band .275 troy oz.I know alot of other detectors walked right over it because everyday I see at least 4 other detectorists at the beach at low tide. How do I know others walked right over it you say, because it had a black soot around the outside of the band. It was surely in there at least a season or two. The other ring was a womens wedding band size 6 .125 troy oz. at a depth of 7 inches that showed a lot of signs of being worn down by tumbling in the surf.

You will dig a lot of junk costume jewelery and iron too but you have to if you want to find the good stuff. One tip if you don't want to dig a lot of bobby pins and nails is when Xing the target if it gives a double beep one direction and there is only a faint beep the other direction its trash.
This is one great detector and it will go in for a surfscanners upgrade this winter which will make it more sensitive. If you want to hunt wet salt water beaches and you want superior depth get a surfmaster P.I.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


No gold

November 19, 2007
mans ring 10g 14k 3" max, 9g bracelet nothing at all no matter what, earings forget it. but if you want a metal detector that you need to carry 2 backpacks for all the trash and metal relics, this is it. this thing is actually quite ridiculous yes you'll find cans at... well im 6'1" and past my knees is no joke i can tell its a can but what the hell. it will find some coins too i'll give it that, if you put the headphones on your neck and turn her up it will (wah wah) quarters well past a foot and pennies at about that. as a coin/relic hunter like i said 2 packs and a spade shovel. if your looking for gold get a flashlite or somthing maybe mine is old and worn out or busted? and this is not my first rodeo its my 6th i tried all settings in and out of water salt and fresh and know how to use a detector but this one just seems allergec to gold....im still gonna keep it though incase steel goes up enough. I bet I could fill a dump truck in 2 days with this thing easy.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


An EXCELLENT detector!

February 08, 2006
I just bought a Surfmaster PI, and although I haven't used it at the beach, I took it up into the hills here in Oregon, where there is real bad and nasty red soil, packed FULL of iron.

I buried a man's 14K gold "Eagle ring" 5 inches into the soil on the side of a hill, and also a women's silver ring far enough away from the gold ring so that there would be no cross-over detection. I used my Fisher cz-70, my Minelab Sovereign Elite Pro, my Compass Scanner R&C and the Surfmaster PI.

The Fisher and Compass both found the rings up to 4 inches off the ground over the targets while in all-metal, 4+5=9 inches.. The Minelab did 3 inches over it, 5+3=8 inches. 9 inches was the best any of them could do.

In discriminate it was a different story, the Minelab beat the Compass by one inch (8 inches total), and the Compass beat the Fisher by one inch (7 inches total). The Fisher read it 6 inches away from the coil (5+1=6). None of them did any better than 3 inches off the ground, or, 5+3 inches = 8 inches.

All three of the VLF's were set to cancel up to and including "nails". All tinfoil was accepted.

The White's Surfmaster gave a reading of 5 inches over the top of the two targets which roughly equates to 5+5 inches = 10 inches.

Clearly, the White's Surfmaster PI beat all the other three in depth of detection. There is another plus to this too, that being that the PI also discriminates tinfoil and certain other small metal objects without affecting detector depth. it acts like small tinfoil isn't even in the ground, and the Pulse machine also handled the ground MUCH better than did the other three detectors, including the Minelab. The Pulse was MUCH smoother, and as most people know, the halo effect after a coin has been in the ground for some time will give a PI an even BIGGER advantage over a VLF, or, multi-freq like the Minelab.

I recently tried a White's Surfmaster Pro 2, and found the (older) Surfmaster to be superior to the newer Pro 2, because it has at least some discrimination built right into it , even on the lowest setting. And incidentally, both the older and newer PI's got the same air-depth reading, 8 inches. PI's ALWAYS get more depth "in the ground".

I am more pleased with this machine than with any other machine White's has ever made, including the old (superior all-metal mode) 5000di, and the DFX and MXT. What a nice piece of machinery this is!



Overall Rating 5 stars!


White's Surfmaster PI

March 16, 2004
I have used the PI for a little over 5 years now and would recommend this detector to anyone wanting to search salt water. This detector has also proven to be a great relic hunter on land due to it's depth. I have recovered .22 caliber bullets at over a foot deep. There is no effective discrimination (you dig everything) but when diving or hunting relics you want to check out all metals anyway.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


White's Surfmaster PI

April 15, 2002
I have used many beach detectors and even if some new ones are deeper than the Surf PI, like the Aquastar, this machine has so much qualities that I consider it like the best beach machine ever designed. Oustanding general conception.

This really is a unit made BY beach hunters for beach hunters. Lightweight, very sturdy, very handy. Long battery life. Only one source of linkage so it's easy to prevent it (the square joint). Very "sure" on targets. Great coil coverage.
For snorkeling use the yellow weighted loop. I highly recommend the modification of the pulse delay from 25us to 15us made my surfscanners detectors. It gives more depth and enables to detect small gold items.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


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