Bounty Hunter Discovery 1100

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Avg. Durability: 2 stars2.50
Avg. Ease of use: 2 stars2.50
Maximum detection depth

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Happy Customer

December 26, 2011
I've told many people this story, but yet to put it on a review. About 3 years ago I had purchased a Bounty Hunter 501, bought it at Walmart while home on leave. About six months after purchase, I had problems with it, of course I couldn't find the receipt, so my last ditch effort was to call the Bounty Hunter Company in Texas.
The lady was very friendly and told me to mail it (Unit and disk) to them.

In less that 30 days, the unit had been repaired, calibrated w/ a note that they were sorry for my inconvenience. This company has really made a believer out of me. 4 years later, I'm still have the detector and it's working fine. Of course I need to upgrade, maybe Santa will be good to me next year.. Thanks again!

Overall Rating 5 stars!


For the money... A great machine!

September 15, 2011
I did my research and basically had my budget set. I didn't want to go over $100 but would go $150 for the right machine. I have done a lot of reading on this site about all detectors that fall into that range (keep in mind you can find some $200+ detectors on ebay for half the price SOMETIMES).

Well after I lost a bid on a Fisher 1212x and after reading the reviews on the machine I figured why not give it a shot? I picked it up for $70 with shipping included.

My only major complaints on this machine is it's pinpointing. It can be a bit difficult to pin down exactly where your target is. After the second day I went to harbor freight and got a pin pointer for about $17.50 after tax and it even comes with a battery.

It has 4 modes of discrimination iron, midrange, iron and midrange, and midrange. I have found all useful depending on what type of junk I am finding in the area.

The depth is fair but I can't complain at this price. I plan on moving up to a tesoro or an older fisher once I have the money and find a good deal on one but I am super happy with this machine. In it's price range, you simply can't beat it.

The tone discrimination makes this thing, once you get used to it you will dig less junk and have a pretty good idea of what your target is. I have already found a good amount of clad in the few days I have been using it. I will keep this even if I upgrade. If there was a 4.5 rating I would have given it that rather than the 4.

Owners manual can be found here for those interested

Overall Rating 4 stars


Just got the new Bounty Hunter Discovery 1100 Legacy Design

November 07, 2010
Last year I purchased the Bounty Hunter Tracker IV for my kids. They have had fun with it, but the meter did not provide any useful information. This year I decided to upgrade to the brand new Bounty Hunter Legacy 1500. I am glad that I upgraded. The new model is based on the original Discovery 1100 design. The first time out we found a silver quarter at 8 inches. The LCD display identified the target right on.

The new model has the latest electronics and design. The target display is good sized and accurate. We are having fun with the new Legacy 1500 and finding lots of great targets. In my opinion this is one of the best kids detectors out there for the money. The arm rest is also adjustable for small arms. The five year warranty is nice and it is made in the United States. Several companies are offering the new Bounty Hunter Legacy 1500 with nice bonus packs as well. We do most of our treasure hunting at parks and at the beach.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Good metal detector

September 02, 2008
About a week ago I ordered one of these metal detectors from RadioShack, and I have been pleased for the most part. I started using it in my back yard and I realized it was hard to pinpoint the exact location of some objects. Some good things about the discovery 1100 was the depth and discrimination on is accurate, and it is very easy to use. I can't wait to take it to the beach next summer.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


I put mine into an "Otter-Box"...

January 31, 2008
I picked up one of these little rigs at a Radio-Shack closeout for about $40.

Not the deepest but it does work!

I actually ended up putting the electronics into a waterproof "Otter-Box" and wade hunted with it for a season... it paid for itself with the silver and gold jewelry it uncovered while wading at freshwater swimming beaches... some of it surprisingly deep.

Had good sensitivity to small jewelry, easy to set-up.

The tone ID came in very handy for ignoring iron in the water. I sold it to a friend of mine who needed a water machine (I had other water machines to use).

Now I wish I'd kept it!


Overall Rating 4 stars


Perfect for the beginner

June 29, 2007
I bought this detector new for under a hundred dollars.I am new to the hobby and find it really easy to use.
Why go out and buy an ace 250 for close to three hundred dollars only to find out the hobby really isnt for you. The discovery models 1100.2200,3300 get lost in all the hype of other detectors but these are truly the best buy for the beginner to novice to veteran.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Wow! it is true, The best detectors are the lower price ones

April 17, 2007
Touch pads the actually work! Very simple instrument
that does the job. Forget about spending a lot of money for nonsense, this will find you lots of coins. Take it from me as I have spent a lot of money on high end metal detectors. You can even look at a meter if you wish and see what you are finding!

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Better than I thought after I got a second detector

February 05, 2007
I WAS a first time metal detector owner but I was not satisfied with the depth that I was getting with this machine. I am very sorry that I ever sold this machine in order to get a more expensive machine which has some extra bells and whitles. I thought that if I got a more expensive machine that I might be able to outperform the discovery 1100. I wish that I had now kept the Discovery 1100 as a back-up. Some of the things that I really liked about the discovery 1100 was the solid fill coil design; it seems to make the coil much more stable when it enters cold water unlike the spider coils now avalable from Bounty Hunter. I also miss the ease of use in the old detector. I thought that it was broken until after I sold it and I read the manual, I was discriminating the wrong items from detection.
If I get another chance I will definately buy another one!!!!

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Pretty good machine

October 28, 2006
For the $30 I paid for this machine, it is a real bargain. It is a great beginner machine. Unlike Paul's review earlier, I am not new to metal detecting. I have been in the hobby for 20+ years. Are all detectors the same with just added bells and whistles? Of course not. Is this detector as deep and discriminate as well as a Nautilus, Minelab, Tesoro, or other top brands? Not even close. My Nautilus IIb will dig a silver quarter at 18 inches. This machine might do 7. That's good, and it's a great machine for the money, but don't be fooled by all machines being the same. You will leave a lot of good relics and coins in the ground if you believe that. For a stated "first time detector owner" such as Paul, it's the machine to buy though.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Great digital display detector for the price!

June 27, 2006
I picked one up on clearance for an unbelievably low price from RadioShack for my son, and have been using it as much as he has. It is perfect for my 10 year old son to handle because it is so light and can also be shortened quite a bit by collapsing the rod. Having personally owned and hunted with a Tesoro Bandido II uMax, a Garrett GTI-1500, and a Whites XLT, I found the Discovery 1100 to be surprisingly more than just a "toy" detector. With its 3 basic visual and audio discriminating queues and smaller 7 1/4" coil, it is perfect for hunting in our back yard and neighboring park. Air tests at max sensitivity with a quarter yielded solid tones at about 6 inches and about 5 1/2 inches when using a penny. Not bad for a detector that only cost $40.00 !

Overall Rating 5 stars!


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