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Bounty hunter

Mar 07, 2017
Just bought an Bounty Hunter IB 300 circa 1976 for 25 Quid cant believe how it ignores Iron with negative response and picks up none ferrous at better depths than more modern machines. Used to have top of range Compass in the eighties cant remember which model but it was an able machine, also the tesoro Toltec equally so.

I have recently bought the tesoro compadre runs silent with one switch early to say yet but digging some big iron with it, may be my poor technique. Also have Golden Mask Thracian. Deep machine and easy to operate but I suspect I am miss interpreting the signals and digging too many iffy signals.
Going to use the bounty hunter next outing it's a bit on the heavy side but I think I will be digging a lot less Iron. Getting 8 inches in air from a new unclad copper penny and sends the analogue meter the opposite way and nulls the audio on Ferrous. New is not always better.
Jim from Barnsley

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