Bounty Hunter Pioneer EX

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Bounty hunter pioneer ex

February 24, 2013
New to detecting, I found this one very easy to use. I received it from my wife as a present. I've had it since last August and have used it several times. It finds coins, rings, and lots of aluminum cans and pull tabs! It doesn't have all the fancy features and adjustments as the more expensive models, but that's OK with me. All is automatic except sensitivity and discrimination. No headphone jack. For the price and a beginner, I would recommend this detector.

Overall Rating 3 stars



January 05, 2013
Received on 1/5/13 and found newer money in my yard right away. This is an entry level machine but locates more things than I wanted to dig. Pinpointing is simple, of course I was in the surveying business for 23 years so locating things are nothing new. For a beginner/money you can't beat it, for twice the money buy the fisher f2 and give this to your son/daughter.

Overall Rating 4 stars


Have over found what I paid for it.

August 08, 2012
Enjoy using the MD. Others have talked about having to dig big holes, guess I have it down to a science I never have to dig much larger than a baseball if that much. I swing side to side then do a 1/4 step and swing again and can PIN Point down to nothing as far as I'm concerned it's no problem. I've used it on the beach in NC and SC with the same results.

Overall Rating 1 star


Good to start

September 03, 2011
Easy to use. Takes some time to learn to pinpoint.

Overall Rating 4 stars


It works

August 06, 2008
Picked it up in a pawn shop for $45.00. First time out found $1.21 at a place I had been before and had used more costly detectors. This is a great detector.

Overall Rating 4 stars


Highly Recommend this Starter Detector

January 31, 2008
I grew up using my dad's Whites Di Pro 6000 so I how to operate a higher end machine. However, when I recently was planning a beach trip, I wanted a cheap detector of my own so I bought a Pioneer EX from Walmart for $99. It's a good machine. I found 10 coins and a junk ring in my backyard just trying it out. Since, I've found coins everywhere I've searched. My best find is a sterling silver crucifix and chain found on VA beach last summer. Recently, I found 92 cents (clad) in Delaware on the beach and at a small park in just a couple of hours. Some coins were 3 or 4 inches deep. The best thing about the detector is the simplicity of using the discrimination and the depth and it works equally well in wet or dry sand (many cheaper detectors go nuts in wet salty sand). I dig pop tops and foil but usually disciminate iron, it's so simple you can't screw it up.

The downside is it's hard to pinpoint and there's no headphone jack. With practice, pinpointing gets easier or if your on the beach, you can just dig a big hole :) I put a piece of duct tape over the speaker to quiet it down a little.

You can find treasure with this cheap detector and may even pay for it with your finds. That's harder to do with a $800 Whites.

Overall: Excellent bang for the buck!

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Pinpointing etc

October 13, 2007
I find that, with practice, anybody can improve their skills. I also find that, when I'm trying to pinpoint, I will take a probe and just stick it into the ground till I hit whatever I am hunting for.. I never dig big holes..

Overall Rating 4 stars


Very good detector

July 29, 2007
4 different types of metals indicated and 3 different depths. Almost 100% of the time when I went over a coin, it was a coin. I also figured out from the indications it gave when the target was alum foil, pull tab and bottle cap. My first time to Folly Beach, SC I found 2 quarters, 2 dimes and 4 pennies. When it indicates a coin only its almost always a coin. When it indicates two or three different metals its alum foil, pull tab or bottle cap. Well worth the money.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Good Beginner Metal Detector

May 30, 2007
This is my first metal detector. I just bought it almost a year ago and it's pretty good. I found a few clad coins and rail road spikes in the woods. The only 2 things I did not like is the pinpionting and the discrimination. To find the target you haft to dig a big hole in width to find where the treasure is. The discrimination is annoying. when you want to cut out a signal all it dose is not make the noise when you hit the target. Other than those problems It's a good beginner metal detector!

Overall Rating 4 stars


Pioneer Ex works pretty good

April 09, 2007
In the last month or so I've found close to five dollars in change not including two wheat cents, but it's pretty hard to pinpoint the signal and most of the time the coins are pennies.

Overall Rating 3 stars


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