Whites Eagle Spectrum

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Faith restored!

March 19, 2008
Hi folks, had to tell someone about this! Last year I purchased a Quantum QXT and a QXT PRO and went detecting. New to the hobby, all I seemed to dig up was nails and bottle caps. So, this past holiday I lost interest and sold both detectors. Still feeling the bug I did more research and found this websight I liked the reviews received for the EAGLE SPECTRUM and when one came up for sale at a reasonable price($400 with a 5.3inch coil/bag(along with the stock 9inch), I snagged it. Well, I just got it in and went out into the back yard, just before it got too dark, the same yard I searched 10X last year, but never found anything more than a HOT ROCK. About 5 feet into the yard I picked up a 79 on the VDI scale, dug up one scoop and low and behold a 1956 silver quarter!!!!! About 5 or 6 inches deep.

My brother, who i tried to get into the hobby with me(the reason I bought two detectors last year) walked up to me just as I was digging(the same yard he tried to find something in) and witnessed the find. We were both up half the night talking about all the stuff we must have missed! The VDI scale on this detector seems much more "detailed" or "reassuring" that when you hit, you found "something" other than bottle caps or nails or trash!

Now I have the confidence I lacked all last year. Can't wait to get out again and spend some time digging! Thanks Whites EAGLE SPECTRUM! It wasn't me blundering around afterall!

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Best machine still

February 29, 2008
I have owned my Spectrum for almost 16 years and I have also owned other machines.....Explorer SE and Fisher 1280, and many others. I have kept the Spectrum because I have found it to be the best machine for my uses.
It is excellent for finding old coins. Great machine for relics and a real good dry sand beach machine.
If you find a used one...buy it. It is one classic that stands the test of time

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Whites eagle Spectrum

November 02, 2006
My detector is over ten years old. I use it with
Blue Max DeepScan 950 and itŽs great. I love him,
the Deep is better than other new detectors, itŽs fast and function perfectly. The only minus is the Battery is after 8 hours empty.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


5 stars is not enough!

June 10, 2006
There is a reason that this detector can still command a $300+ price tag on it at almost 15 years old..... It's just a GREAT detector! It hunts everywhere and everything! It's a very fast detector, and super flexible. I have found coins, relics and jewelry with mine. It loves old deep coins and nickels are a snap to dig once you swing it a few times. The Spectra graph is a super tool to see whats really there under the coil and the key to digging the good stuff!

The Spectrum is almost like the XLT, but with a few less option break downs and user save slots. The Display is easier to see on the XLT and that's the only real thing I give it over the Spectrum. Weight is not a problem, as it's very well balanced and easy to swing. If you want and XLT but do not want t opay as much, get an Eagle Spectrum and you will not be sorry!

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Eagle Sprectum

February 13, 2006
Just a short note to confirm the previous reviews.
More than a dozen years after its introduction,
this machine is still a leader! It's time tested!
Deep and accurate!

Overall Rating 5 stars!


White`s eagle spectrum

December 01, 2005
This is the best metal detector i ever work with.I live in Serbia and i hunt coins for more then 10 years.I used to work with Fisher 1266,White`s classic 3,Tesoro... detectors but no one can compare with Eagle Spectrum.Every time i go in hunt i dug about 20-40 coins.If anybody want to see my colection here is the link.www.forumancientcoins.com/gallery/index.php?cat=13668
Also i would like to change an expirience with other White`s Eagle Spectrum users.
Regards from Sirmium

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Whites Eagle Spectrum..1992/93

September 25, 2005
With all the modern high pitch sales talk. Coil this, coil that /multi freq. this & that.
The basic object of any one metal detecting is to get whats in the ground.I have used the GTI-2500/Fisher CZ-5/Teserro de-leon/Whites Xlt-E Series & MXT> For overall performance/depth
ease of operation & accuracy, The Whites Eagle Spectrum is out front by a mile. No add on gadgets
or different coils. Straight out of the box w/
std-950 coil. beach-copper penny 12/13 inches.
Indian head in missouri dirt-9 inches.
Pocket knifes=12 inches. Tin sardine-can on a Texas black clay creek bank 26 measured inches.
Gold & silver rings 9/12 inches anywhere.Dead on pinpointing, VDI #'s you can learn & understand.
Equally good relic performance. Recovery speed is a little slower than some might like if they are in a hurry.I have used this machine in Florida/calf/oregon/missouri & Texas. Recovered over 22000 coins(3 yrs) (513) wheaties) 3- 4x9" boxes of assorited real & costume jewelry.40's & 50's
metal toy trucks/cars/planes. (26"18k-gold chain w/18k medalion @ 9-inches. Kind of sound like a salesman don't I ? Well thats about it. I bought all the hoopla and the (YOU GOTA HAVE THIS ONE"
advertisement). If you are a coin shooter and
would like to dig some other good stuff along the way. Consider a Eagle Spectrum/ if you can find one-others are catching on.I am not the only one
bragging about it. I am a Native Texan & bragging is a Birth-Right Ken. C. Lakehills, Texas
purgld2004@yahoo.com..Keep Diggin It's there somewhere!

Overall Rating 5 stars!


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