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Hunk of Junk!!!

December 04, 2008
I bought this exact thing through Kellyco where it is relabeled and renamed the Viper Trident. To start off when I received it and put it together the search coil was 45 deg offset from the controls. I Emailed Kellyco and the service was good,they sent me a new lower rod,but it was too big (circumference) and would not slide into the tube on the control housing! Finally I just decided the heck with it and drilled a new hole in the original rod that fit to properly line up the coil. Bench tested it and got a quarter at about 5 inches and dime about 3.5 inches.

I paid $149.00 for this while I see it being sold for $458 with a MRSP of $895.00 these prices are total rubbish!!! $149. was too much! It is cheaply made Chinese garbage! The reason I gave it a 2 instead of a 1 is because it will pickup coins very close to the surface and my 8 year old kid can use it. I haven't had it in water yet, but I suspect when I do that will be the end of it and I'll be testing out the 5 year warranty. The thing I have trouble understanding is why a company with the reputation and good service of Kellyco would bother even selling stuff like this. I will be buying a water detector this summer (Tesoro or Minelab) but I am going to have a second look at a few other dealers since Kellyco talks up the Viper Trident as such a great detector,in my eyes this destroys some of their credibility especially passing it off at $895.00 MSRP.

Overall Rating 1 star



December 03, 2008
I bought my Aquavision Pro metal detector from a reputable dealer , I do not buy on e bay any longer because of the new search engine eBay has now and paypal is nothing but fraudulent. I have bought more than one Treasure Hunter metal detector for myself, friends and family. I have had my Aquavision Pro Treasure Hunter metal detector and have found it to be much superior to even some more expensive models I have bought, it has paid for itself over and over again and then some. Keep in mind the average underwater metal detector sells for around a thousand dollars. I bought this unit some time back and have been delighted with it. I know many of them look the same, but they are not, I have friends who has used the other units and it seems that they do not hold up or detect quite as well. I have found out that this metal detector is designed by Treasure Hunter and all the other models are Chinese copies. Although Treasure Hunters unit is made in China, the quality process, engineering and specifications are controlled by the USA company Treasure Hunter.

I would highly recommend all Treasure Hunter products that I have had including the Aquavision Pro.

Thank you,


Overall Rating 5 stars!


Terrible detector

September 17, 2008
I bought this detector on ebay for 142.00. The very first time I used this detector, I went 20 ft under water it just made a lots of noise for 1 minute, then it filled up with water.Junk

Overall Rating 1 star


Why is this thing on the market?

August 25, 2008
I have made the same mistake others are making. I bought the aquavision pro thinking this was a great deal. The poor instruction page says waterproof to 133' or so. Went diving in a crystal clear about 5' turned the thing on, it made a sound like a dieing bird and couldn't get it to anything after that. The head phones are cheep. I also saw an oil sheen comming from the control knobs. If any one knows the phone number to chapmans lt plus please let me know.

Overall Rating 1 star


Not water tight.

February 25, 2008
I was in the river chest deep and the Aquavision Pro stopped working immediately. Seems like water was getting in through the control knobs. This happened twice. After it dried out it worked again. I sold it for $50, it's not worth any more.

Overall Rating 1 star



January 30, 2008
Hi,I'm Back! just to let you know,to day, I went to the beach with my Aquavision pro and found some bottle caps, some rusted metal,one penny & a golden earring witch three diamonds,after gaining some experience in my back yard with it.Today was my first time trying it out, still I rated it from, "one to five" (scale) only at two,cause,I had only 12 hits in about and hour,but! next time I will go to a place I know full of pennys and dimes just to make sure how it realy works.I will let you guys know next time. loging out,peace!

Overall Rating 2 stars


Aquavision Pro - No Service Department!

January 28, 2008
I had a problem with my headphones cord and the company told me they could not do anything about it. So buyer beware. The machine works pretty good but if it breaks you are in trouble!

Overall Rating 1 star


It look's like a million buck's

January 22, 2008
Well, its to late for me, I already bought it! Guess what? I am still waiting for it. I paid $109.00, wow! Imagine that!. I saved from $799.95 (retail) a total of ($690.95) on the "aquavision pro", it will arrive on Monday, on 01/28, I just sold my new bounty hunter "quick silver" for $100.00, not bad! It was a Christmas gift that costed $85.00. well, I used it three times only. Priced at $149.99 (retail) in private store, not at ebay! I know it was a gift! But I am a heavy duty diver, over 100 dives last year alone! It's was my childhood dream to own a under water metal detector, but they are way to expensive, until now! Can't express regret yet! but, I will make sure to let you's know my own personal experience which I hope is not as bad as your's. (but), I doubt it!. login out, "peace"

Overall Rating 5 stars!


First try

September 26, 2007
I just recently purchased the Detector, I find it ok... its preety cheap, I just tried on land though. In 15 minutes I found about 7 pennies and a nail near my steps of my apartment. Cant say its bad just wish it went deeper, any tips email me !!!

Overall Rating 3 stars


AquaVision Pro Still Working

June 27, 2007
My AqauaVision Pro is still working good. It is OK for finding all metals but does not discriminate worth a darn. If you go water hunting rarely,... then this unit will work for you. If you live near the ocean,...forget it.

Overall Rating 3 stars


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