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Versatile Tesoro

February 20, 2010
I bought my Golden Sabre II new about 13 years ago and it mostly sat in my attic until in 2008 I remembered I had it and dug it out.
The past year and a half I have used it regularly with good success. It is not a depth monster but will easily find coins and jewelry to about 6 or 7 inches. I tried using an 11" deep scan coil to see if it would add depth but didn't notice a difference. The tone quality also suffered so I stuck to the stock 8" concentric after that.
I have since bought a Garrett Freedom Ace Plus, Tesoro Cutlass II umax, and a Spectrum XLT.
In comparison, it beats the Garrett, hands-down, has less depth than the Cutlass but lots more discrimination options and less depth that the XLT but I found that I get more non-coin goodies and nickles with the GSII than I do with the XLT.

The GSII has many of the discrimination options as the higher end Tesoros at only a fraction of the price. Used ones can be found for less than $200.

1. Clear, easy to read tones. This is a strong point of most Tesoros And the GSII will not disappoint. With a little practice, one can learn the difference between coins and trash a majority of the time by the quality and length of the tone.

2. Good two-tone discrimination. I am able to set the tones to sound clear on nickles but broken on most pull tabs.

3. Notch accept and reject. In a virgin park, you can easily cherry pic quarters and dollar coins with the notch accept or you can reject many pull tabs without missing nickels and gold.

4. Good all-metal function.

5. Very accurate pinpointing.

6. It's a Tesoro! Lifetime Warranty!


1. Not a deep seeking detector. Many finds are within the 6" range so I really didn't mind much.

2. Deeper coins are pretty much the same volume as shallow ones so you will not have an indication of depth. Sometimes the close to surface coins will scream at you but it doesn't give soft tones on deeper coins like some of the other Tesoros.

3. A little heavy compared to most other Tesoros.

4. Takes 8 AA batteries that are cumbersome to change. The batteries will at least last a good 20 hours.

Overall Rating 4 stars