Tesoro Sidewinder Umax

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Tesoro Sidewinder µMax

November 06, 2012
Nice machine. Easy to use. I use the 5.75 coil and a 4" coil with it. You can find coins near a metal post or trash can with it. I like having the pinpoint button. I also have a cibola and prefer this one over the cibola.

I use it around parks. It would not be my choice of a good relic machine.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Tesoro sidewinder gold ring machine

November 08, 2011
The sidewinder is the metal detector for me. Absolutely wonderful for finding gold rings. It operates at 12 khz. setting disc on 3 to 4 it will produce a high squeal beep when it passes over a gold ring. The pinpoint button is right on target when pushed in to pinpoint. Very deep detector when used in all metal mode. Very fine detector for deep silver coins.
You don't have to swing it fast. Slow and steady works well for me. Life time warranty too, you can't beat that. Tesoro makes fine American made detectors.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


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