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Skywave elimination

Aug 11, 2015
Some places have high Electromagnetic interference (EMI). Check for airborn sources...Tips to consider if you can't ground balance your unit:

Note...I am just beginning to understand how the Garret PI works. I suspect GPI reception is broad...the single strong sharp Square Wave it transmits might be the source of its "multifrequency" capability.

1) Sun...Hold your coil above your head. If it won't quiet, come back at night. Radio transmitters can decrease their power at night because of "no sun".

2) Check overhead wires: Infinium falsing went away when communication wires were "not visible" to your eyes and telephone poles were few...one line within 500 ft or so.

3) WI-FI: My noisy (bad) Garret Infinitium became "nice" and quiet when my computer WI-FI detector showed max 2 bars and I was in large parking lot in a grassy open area with no "visible" wires.

4) Note cloud formations: thunderheads accumulate charge and are a potential source of slow wave interference. Lightning is a source of fast waves emi...even counties away.

5) Note wind: wind creates static charge

6) Aviation activity: I stood near two runway "blue light" towers at Home Depot Parking lot that was 5 miles from Ohare Airport. The detector was impossible to quiet.

7) Cellphone towers: There were many...3-4 visible in that Homedepot parking lot where I could not quiet my unit.

8) Sunspot activity: If the sun is electromagnetically active (sunspots) you might detect it.

9) AM radio reception: If there is lots of static your GPI unit might be noisy too.

All these things might make a good Garret PI seem erratic.

Steve johnson from Chicago, IL

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