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Feature comparison between Bounty Hunter Pinpointer and Sherlock Electronic Probe
Options Bounty Hunter Pinpointer Sherlock Electronic Probe
Detector Type Pinpointer Pinpointer
Price $70 $80
Manufactured in 2007
Battery Type 9V
Weight (Lbs.) 0.45
Operating frequency
Target ID Audio, vibrate
Tone ID
Search Modes
Ability to change coils
Ground balance
Warranty 1 Year
Number of Reviews graph 3
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Avg. User Rating 2.17 4.60
Avg. Durability Rating 2.14
Avg. Ease of Use Rating 3.14
Avg. Depth Rating
Depth value
No data available yet

Most helpful review for Bounty Hunter Pinpointer

Bounty Hunter/Teknetics works .... but
I couldn't find much on this probe, so I decided to get one and try it myself. I give it 2.5 stars. I also have a Whites Bullseye II so that is the only pinpointer I can compare it to.

The good: It's a budget pinpointer that works. As far as range/depth, it matches the Whites and may actually get a 1/4 inch or so more. It's streamlined shape and less bulky body makes it easier to carry than the Whites.

It has a few issues though.
One, the vibration is so light that if you get a quick hit, you're not sure if the pinpointer vibrated, or if it was caused by scrapping something like a tree root.
Two, the switch (knob) location is at the front of the body, just under the back of the probe shaft. If you are probing a hole, you can move the knob by hitting the side of the hole turning up the sensitivity and cause it to vibrate or turning down the senitivity and getting less depth/range. That can get very annoying. You end up having to hold the probe so as to protect the knob.
Three, the battery cover is not very secure and is easy to knock off. I had to tape it on to keep it from coming off while in use.
Four, since it's turned on/off and adjusted (sensitivity) with the same knob, it can cause feedback on your detector, vice the push and release on/off button switch on the Whites which turns off when you release the button. This is especially true when adjusted to right at the edge of sensitivity, which is where you want it for maximum depth/range. At the edge, it will periodically come on by itself causing feedback on your detector.

In conclusion it works and goes for about $45 to $50 less than the Whites Bullseye II. If you can live with the issues, then get it. Personally, I prefer the Whites and would try to find a used Whites for about the price of the Bounty Hunter first or spend the extra bucks and get the Whites.

Bounty Hunter/Teknetics could have a very good pinpointer here (4.5 to 5 stars) if they would redesign it to relocate the knob/switch to the body. Put a stronger vibrator in it. Fix the battery cover so it will stay on while in use. Add an on/off switch seperate from the sensitivity adjustment.
FXDiz from Jacksonville, Florida

Thumbs up! 44
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Most helpful review for Sherlock Electronic Probe

Best Value In The Pinpointer World
I picked up one of these brand new for about $50 and its performance has amazed me so far. It is very small and compact and uses one 9-volt battery. I like the way it is constructed, and I like the impressive depth that it gets for a handheld pinpointer. It will detect nickels at 2 inches, but most other coins it goes about 1.5 inches, when you have it tuned right. It is pretty stable too. You press and hold the large push button in the center of the pinpointer to make it operate which is very convenient. A powerful led light will illuminate the area in front of the pinpointer when the button is pushed, making it valuable for night hunting.

This model does not vibrate, but it does beep loud and the indicator light changes color when going over metal items, which I prefer because you sometimes don't feel vibrations especially when wearing gloves. It is not waterproof though. I haven't used it in wet sand, but it maintains good depth in all the soils that I've used it in so far. But for me, the most important part is that I can use it next to my Explorer without having it act up (Can't say the same for the Bullseye II). I have owned and used the Merlin, BII, Automax, Falcon and Wizard, but this one beats them all in terms of depth and value. I haven't used the in-line probes which cost about three times as much, but the depth on this pinpointer is good enough for me. Plus, I am not forced to stick with one machine to use it. I might have just gotten a hot one but I hope all of them are the same cause I'm gonna get another one for my dad.

Mark from CA

Thumbs up! 82
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