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Whites Surf PI Dual Field
Garrett Infinium LS
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Options Whites Surf PI Dual Field Garrett Infinium LS
Detector Type PI Beach Detector PI Beach Detector
Price $900 $1200
Manufactured in 2009 2003
Battery Type 8 AA 8 AA
Weight (Lbs.) 5.5
Operating frequency 730 PPS, Adjustable
Display None None
Backlight No
Target ID Audio Audio
Tone ID
Search Modes
  • All Metal
  • All Metal
Ability to change coils Yes
Ground balance Auto
Waterproof 100 feet 200 feet
Warranty 2 Years 2 Years
Number of Reviews graph 8
graph 2
graph 1
graph 26
graph 5
graph 2
graph 2
graph 5
Avg. User Rating 4.55 4.12
Avg. Durability Rating 5.00 3.33
Avg. Ease of Use Rating 5.00 3.67
Avg. Depth Rating
Depth value
Depth value

Most helpful review for Whites Surf PI Dual Field

Never misses
I have used my pi detector about 4 times now. It will not miss anything metal. It goes very deep, found small shards of iron as deep as a foot down. One problem. My bodys sore from all the digging. Some kind of discrimination would be nice to skip over the junk but its still fun to dig. This baby finds it all, more than you will want.
Jay Hersey from Wilmington, NC

Thumbs up! 94
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Most helpful review for Garrett Infinium LS

Really Surprised
I am a minelab freak and to date my GPX4500 for prospecting in the goldfields of Western Australia and my Sovereign GT for the beach were and still are a fantastic combination.

I did however have family coming over for a prospecting trip and wanted another machine that really could be used for prospecting without forking out another $5 grand plus for a GPX.

After doing a lot of research I purchased an infinium with the 8" mono additional with a little trepidation as intentionally or not I would compare it with my GPX4500.

Well, I have to say I am more than pleasantly surprised. Firstly this machine simply blows my sovereign away on the beach with the 8" mono both in depth and sensitivity - I am finding really small hooks and even the back shaft of an ear-ring at a good couple of inches. The depth on rings and small coins is ridiculous and when people talk about 15" plus they are not exaggerating.

On gold (using my small test nuggets) without going into too much detail. It will get you 5" + on a 0.5g nugget freshly buried with the 8 inch mono. The 8" mono will detect as small as 0.3g nugget at 2" depending on shape. The stock DD is less sensitive but for 0.6 gram up performs well.

Yes it is not quite up to the GPX4500 on sensitivity less than 0.5g nugget but as you get further above that the margin gets much less much faster. Value for money this is an outstanding machine and if you only prospect occasionally ie a couple of weeks a year, I would recommend it over the GPX for the price.

Further the discrimination using both tones and rev disc really do work and very well...you just need to play.

The really important thing about the infinium is that Garret compressed a lot of features into a housing that has only three selectors. This makes you think it is a simple turn on and go machine...BIG mistake.

This machine has to be frequency adjusted IF the tone is unstable both due to EMI and/or on hot ground to get an absolutely smooth threshold.

The discrimination is exactly that and just keep it at zero unless using the reverse descrim to ID a target that has a LO/HI tone. Drop descrim less than 1 and you start losing sensitivity to small nuggets.

The gain/power is directly linked to the threshold selector. If using a mono in extremely hot ground and the threshold is slightly falsing drop it to 3-4 anything above 5 is a waste as you lose the ability to note threshold change.

Also - very important. PI's in general and the infinium especially need the coil at least one inch above the ground in really hot soil.

I have used the 8"mono on the hottest ground I can find (above 38% iron ore) and got the threshold smooth as a baby but have to lower my swing speed and keep coil level.

All in all if I had to choose one detector for all

occasions it would be my infinium. Change the shaft (minelab shaft works well just trim the coil attachment on the bottom of shaft)and LEARN the machine and you will be more than pleasantly surprised.

This detector is the most underrated you will find.
Barry David from Western Australia

Thumbs up! 281
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