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Feature comparison between Minelab GPX 5000 and Minelab GPX-4500
Options Minelab GPX 5000 Minelab GPX-4500
Detector Type Nugget Detector Nugget Detector
Price $7000 $5000
Manufactured in 2011 2010
Battery Type
Weight (Lbs.)
Operating frequency
Target ID
Tone ID
Search Modes
Ability to change coils
Ground balance
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Avg. User Rating 3.25 4.50
Avg. Durability Rating
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Avg. Depth Rating No data available yet No data available yet

Most helpful review for Minelab GPX 5000

Looking at but not sure about.
I give this one a 4 star because I'm still not sure pulse or otherwise is best except for battery life.
I like the sensitivity and the way one can let it sweep for back ground or hot ground noise so as to auto block them.
Makes this detector the easy one to use and also find smaller and deeper gold.
Its the price thats hard and maybe the fact that it is so sensitive that another detector to near will mess with it.
I understand that even radio waves will affect this detector so they also need to be and are blocked.
If I am wrong here, let us know.
Onewyatt from Texas USA

Thumbs up! 56
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Most helpful review for Minelab GPX-4500

GPX-4500 review
One of the best performing detectors for finding gold. I have used every model of minelab detectors and find that this is one of the best. It has more features than the previous models including digital control. If you get confused with the setting up it can be set back to factory settings by holding the power switch on for 5 seconds. I upgrade these detectors for prospectors around the world.
Detectormods from Melbourne Australia

Thumbs up! 65
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