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Teknetics Alpha 2000
Feature comparison between Teknetics Alpha 2000 and Bounty Hunter Elite 2200
Options Teknetics Alpha 2000 Bounty Hunter Elite 2200
Detector Type Coin and Relic Detector Coin and Relic Detector
Price $200 $140
Manufactured in 2010
Battery Type 9V
Weight (Lbs.) 2.2
Operating frequency 7.8 kHz.
Display Yes
Backlight No
Target ID Numeric
Tone ID 3 Tones
Search Modes
  • Discriminate
  • Motion All Metal
  • Pinpoint
Ability to change coils Yes
Ground balance Auto Preset
Waterproof Coil only
Warranty 5 Years
Number of Reviews graph 2
graph 1
graph 1
graph 4
graph 2
Avg. User Rating 4.25 4.67
Avg. Durability Rating 4.50
Avg. Ease of Use Rating 5.00
Avg. Depth Rating
Depth value
No data available yet

Most helpful review for Teknetics Alpha 2000

Teknetics Alpha review
Took the Alpha to an old ball field for a few hours. The site was on a slope were the old bleachers had been tore down. Iron was everywhere. Important to note, that is why I chose to run the discrimination wide open. If the detector can id iron then there is less chance of masking or iron sounding like a good target.

The detector ran very smooth at full sensitivity with no chatter. I tested the EMI issue under power lines and the field light transformers and no problems at all. Honestly I was very surprised. Early on the Alpha had problems with EMI. But Teknetics fixed this with heavier coil cable. The "56" nickle I doug was actualy showing 5c on the display. 4-5 inches down in the red clay here. I was spot on with the pinpointing also. As I am use to Tesoro's I just X'ed the spot. Although nothing earth shattering was found by me I feel this detector is worth more than it's price. No ron, none no nails or can slaw. And trust me it was everywhere. It likes pulltabs. That is a good thing to me because it will like gold too.

The dime I found was proof that leaving the disc. open helps find good things in iron. I got the low tone before and after the small high tone. I thought I better slow down my swing and listen. Sure enough I could here a hight tone between the two low tones. So I dug and out popped a clad dime. Now I'm impressed. Depth is not an issue either. The last target I dug was a memorial at 7" next to the side walk. Are their any bad things with this detector? Not realy, for 200.00 it can't be beat IMHO. The stock 8" coil is ok but I am getting a 5x10 DD to realy enhance this detector. HH
Jim D. from North Georgia

Thumbs up! 69
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Most helpful review for Bounty Hunter Elite 2200

Very pleased
I bought my elite 2200 on Friday and went straight to a local park. I didn't even read the manual! I figured anyone could run a detector, and BH has made this thing super simple to operate. In a matter of 3 days and a total of about 9 hours of use I have found well over 100 coins, an old watch, a silver ring, and maybe 15 pulltabs. This thing will pick out dimes and quarters at 8 inches with no problem. I can't wait to get back out and find more treasure!
Chris from Garland, UT USA

Thumbs up! 93
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