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Teknetics EuroTek
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Options Teknetics EuroTek Bounty Hunter Tracker ID
Detector Type Coin and Relic Detector Coin and Relic Detector
Price $160 $150
Manufactured in 2013
Battery Type 9V
Weight (Lbs.) 2.5
Operating frequency 7.81 kHz.
Display Yes
Backlight No
Target ID 99 Segment+Audio
Tone ID 2 Tones
Search Modes
  • Discriminate
Ability to change coils Yes
Ground balance Auto
Waterproof Coil only
Warranty 5 Years
Number of Reviews graph 1
graph 2
Avg. User Rating 5.00 3.00
Avg. Durability Rating 5.00
Avg. Ease of Use Rating 5.00
Avg. Depth Rating
Depth value
No data available yet

Most helpful review for Teknetics EuroTek

Basic eurotek not pro
Basic Eurotek not the pro, well I picked this machine up for £60 going cheap hardly ever used, coil is push fit the coil is made by modern technology... This is a overlooked detector, discrimination is superb, depth with the mono coil 6 inches to 7 inches puts in on par with the Tesoro compardre but better on sounds and with a screen.

Now first thing I decided since I got it so cheap was to look for another coil for it... Which I did, found the bounty hunter coil 11 inch and it works, boy oh boy does it work WoW transforms the Euorotek completely.. Only thing that changed was the id numbers on the screen which I soon learnt to id myself.
Brilliant machine. Due to the cost of what I paid I personally decided to change the coil may be not every persons choice however it worked for me, cannot speak for others...

In all I'm very happy!
John from Uk

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Most helpful review for Bounty Hunter Tracker ID

Chicken little
I call this machine "chicken little" because when you adjust the discriminate level to recognize the pulltab zone the high and low tones blend and it almost sounds like a chicken clucking. This machine is good for low to middle trash areas-not that it won't work in high trash areas. But you will get a lot of signals because it detects all metals above bottlecap setting and identifies them with a high tone for pennies thru quarters,a mixed or clucking sound for the pulltab zone,and a low tone for nickels and foil. It's just the thing for those who like to hear every signal and make up their minds about digging. It also has an all metal mode activated by just clicking the discriminate control to the off position. One secret feature known by few is that a high tone coin will still be picked up under a few or handful of pulltabs or most any other trash with a high tone. For those who own one and realize that the instruction manual does't explain how to set the discriminate control:click the discriminate control on. With a NICKEL in a free hand that has no jewelry on it, began sweeping the nickel back and forth in front of the coil while rotating the disc control further and further to the right. You will start out with and high tone,then a mixed tone,and finally the desired LOW tone-you're set! If you don't get into high trash areas that bombard you with lots of signals-this detector will both amuse and enrichen you.
Ken Carpenter from Marshall, Tx

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