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Vibra-Quatic 2 Pinpointer
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Vibra-Quatic 2 Pinpointer
Falcon Gold Probe MD20
Feature comparison between Vibra-Quatic 2 Pinpointer and Falcon Gold Probe MD20
Options Vibra-Quatic 2 Pinpointer Falcon Gold Probe MD20
Detector Type Pinpointer Pinpointer
Price $169.95 $220
Manufactured in 2013
Battery Type 9V
Weight (Lbs.) 0.75
Operating frequency
Display None
Target ID Vibration and light
Tone ID
Search Modes All metal
Ability to change coils
Ground balance Auto
Waterproof 100 feet
Warranty 1 year
Number of Reviews graph 2
graph 6
graph 3
graph 1
graph 2
Avg. User Rating 5.00 3.83
Avg. Durability Rating 5.00 3.13
Avg. Ease of Use Rating 5.00 3.75
Avg. Depth Rating
Depth value
Depth value

Most helpful review for Vibra-Quatic 2 Pinpointer

Vibra-quatic 2
I will post my review here since this is the Vibraprobe 580's bigger brother. After reading all the reviews for the 580, this is what I consider to be the performance for the Vibra-Quatic 2 in a saltwater environment. First of all, the 2" tip seemed large at first, but after using it, it seems to be fine considering it requires some movement (a slow sweep speed) over the target. The tip does not get in the way of finding the object, even the smallest of ones such as ear rings, 3mm lead split shot, or the same size piece of aluminum foil or can slaw.

The sensitivity is very good, I got 1/2" on the above very small targets. That's acceptable, if it falls through the sand scoop, it's going to be close to the surface. The tip is durable and can be pushed around in the sand until the target is identified. 1 1/2" on a dime, 2" on a quarter, and up to 4" on larger objects. That's all the depth I need in a pinpointer. It does not turn off automatically like the 580, but I prefer that as it is easy to turn off when you are done.

I use it while hunting underwater with my Excalibur II, and since most targets are recovered just from pinpointing with my detector, the Vibra-Quatic only comes out when a very small object needs to be located. Super long battery life, even using NiMH rechargeables. I am very happy with it, with no complaints whatsoever.
Suncoast Kid from Florida, USA

Thumbs up! 8
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Most helpful review for Falcon Gold Probe MD20

I have owned a Falcon MD20 for about a year now. It is extremely easy to use. It comes in very handy when scanning rocks for gold content. Some also use it for checking crevices for gold. It can detect an extremely small speck of gold at about ΒΌ of an inch from the probe. The larger the gold the further away it detects it. It picks up a standard shaped 1 ounce nugget at about 4.5 inches.
Another cool feature is when you move the probe towards a sample and it alerts, it is gold. If you move the probe towards a sample and it does not alert, but alerts when you move the probe away, it is not gold. The Falcon will not only detect gold and the method of moving the probe should not be 100% relied upon. It is important to remove magnetic black sands prior to scanning. There is a method that some use where you shovel your material through a classifier in to a bucket. You check the larger objects that did not pass through the classifier with the falcon. You then commence scooping the material from the bucket on to a shallow flat bottom plastic pan.
Before you check the pan, you must remove the magnetic sands with a magnet. It is a slow process but very effective and you do not need to lug around heavy equipment or water.

Falcon sells a hip holster, but I found that when ever I was bending down or twisting, I was accidentally bumping the knob adjustments. You must also be very careful not to pull the cable. I have never had a problem with it, but the way the cable enters the unit looks questionable and not very strong. I dropped my Falcon from a height of about 4 feet on to bedrock and it stopped working. However, Falcon repaired the unit at no cost. Since then I manufactured a little foam protection/holding case. Overall I am very happy with the Falcon and look forward to future developments. Key points are removing the magnetic black sand and treating the unit with care.
Don from Arizona

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