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Whites TreasureMaster Pro
Tesoro Bandido II uMax
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Options Whites TreasureMaster Pro Tesoro Bandido II uMax
Detector Type Coin and Relic Detector Coin and Relic Detector
Price $399 $450
Manufactured in 2015 1997
Battery Type 2 AA 9V
Weight (Lbs.) 3 2.2
Operating frequency 7.812kHz. 10 kHz.
Display Yes None
Backlight Yes No
Target ID 16-Segment Audio
Tone ID 8 Tones Single Tone
Search Modes
  • Coin & Jewelry.
  • Beach.
  • Relics.
  • Hi- Trash.
  • Pinpoint.
  • All Metal.
  • Disc.
  • All Metal
Ability to change coils Yes Yes
Ground balance Auto, Tracking Manual
Waterproof Coil only Coil only
Warranty 3 Years Lifetime
Number of Reviews graph 3
graph 1
graph 1
graph 1
graph 9
graph 1
Avg. User Rating 3.83 4.60
Avg. Durability Rating 4.17 4.50
Avg. Ease of Use Rating 4.17 4.50
Avg. Depth Rating
Depth value
Depth value

Most helpful review for Whites TreasureMaster Pro

Really nice machine !!
I bought the TreasurePro as a backup to my Whites MX5. After using the TreasurePro for several hours, I had a hard time not choosing it over the MX5 as my primary machine.
I eventually traded my MX5 for another TreasurePro and also bough a NEL Sharpshooter coil for the first one. With the Sharpshooter coil the TPro is a joy to swing, light and well balanced. It is not heavy with the D2 coil however I like the NEL better and it's almost as deep. I love the display on the TPro. It has large VDI numbers and the backlight is great. Love all the features on the TPro like tracking and track lock. Just a nice detector for the money and I love mine.
Stephen from Texas

Thumbs up! 51
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Most helpful review for Tesoro Bandido II uMax

Bandido II uMax
This is a good detector, and it's what I currently use. I've had it about 1 year, and bought it used on eBay. I did have a short in the coil, which Tesoro promptly serviced for me. This detector takes quite a bit of time and practice to get used to, as it's a single-tone discriminator. It's the only detector that I've found gold with, but you've gotta be willing to dig the pulltabs.

With all my detectors, the 4" coil is a must-have accessory, as the stock coil is only used at the beach. I also use the widescan coil, while expensive, can work great in the right conditions.

Brian Gilbert from USA

Thumbs up! 82
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