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Garrett AT MAX
Tesoro Tiger Shark
Feature comparison between Garrett AT MAX and Tesoro Tiger Shark
Options Garrett AT MAX Tesoro Tiger Shark
Detector Type VLF Beach Detector VLF Beach Detector
Price $722 $750
Manufactured in 2017 2000
Battery Type 4 AA 8 AA
Weight (Lbs.) 3.03 4.4
Operating frequency 13.6 12.5 kHz.
Display Yes None
Backlight Yes No
Target ID Yes Audio
Tone ID 3 tones Single Tone
Search Modes
  • 4 Pro Audio modes
  • All Metal N/M
  • Normal Mode
  • Salt Mode
  • Disc. Silent Search
Ability to change coils Yes No
Ground balance Auto/Manual Auto
Waterproof 10 feet 200 feet
Warranty 2 years Lifetime
Number of Reviews graph 2
graph 1
graph 5
graph 2
graph 1
Avg. User Rating 3.67 4.25
Avg. Durability Rating 5.00
Avg. Ease of Use Rating 5.00
Avg. Depth Rating
Depth value
No data available yet

Most helpful review for Garrett AT MAX

At max
Love this machine. First outing with this second dig a gold ring 10in. Second outing gold ring 5in. I use pro-zero, a 8x5x11 in coil. Ground conditions varied from moist to dry. Sensitivity setting high. Light weight. In my opinion this is the best out of the At series, using the others from experience of my own. Good investment for the hobby.
Rob from Ohio

Thumbs up! 8
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Most helpful review for Tesoro Tiger Shark

Tesoro tiger shark
I have used the Tiger shark for 2 years. Very sensitive will detect deeper than the Sting Ray but I use both of these detectors when I go hunting. I like the interchangeable loops. Still getting use to the Tiger Shark so far have found 12 gold rings. I like the Tiger Shark or the StingRay better than I did the 1280x fisher. I might try the CZ 20 some day but I do like the Tesoros. G G G

Greg gust from USA

Thumbs up! 117
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