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Teknetics Omega 8500
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Teknetics Omega 8500
Fisher F22
Feature comparison between Teknetics Omega 8500 and Fisher F22
Options Teknetics Omega 8500 Fisher F22
Detector Type Coin and Relic Detector Coin and Relic Detector
Price $330 $230
Manufactured in 2015 2015
Battery Type 9V 2 AA
Weight (Lbs.) 2.5 2.3
Operating frequency 7.69 7.69 kHz.
Display Yes Yes
Backlight Yes
Target ID 1-99 Target-ID Numbers 2-Digit 1-99
Tone ID 3 Tones Fe-Tone Adjustable Iron Audio
Search Modes
  • Disc.
  • All Metal
  • Jewelry.
  • Coins.
  • Artifact.
  • Custom
  • Pinpoint
Ability to change coils Yes Yes
Ground balance Auto Auto
Waterproof No Weatherproof, waterproof coil
Warranty 5 Year Limited 5 Years
Number of Reviews 0 graph 3
graph 1
graph 1
graph 1
Avg. User Rating 4.00
Avg. Durability Rating 3.83
Avg. Ease of Use Rating 4.50
Avg. Depth Rating No data available yet
Depth value

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Fisher f22
Just got my new Fisher F22. Fantastic machine. It goes as deep as you would aspect and more. Thinking I would have some basic machine turned out to work wounders. Its easy to use and finds the target's with ease. I have seen reviews and knew what I was in for. But what the hell. I must have a defect machine as it goes deeper then I thought. 12incs so far and still getting to use it. This was on a Australian 10cent. Very Happy and cheap. Best price range out there and weatherproof. I can find all metals of simply pick what I want to find. Awesome.
Allan from Wood

Thumbs up! 13
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