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Fisher Gold Strike
Whites Gold Master GMT
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Options Fisher Gold Strike Whites Gold Master GMT
Detector Type Nugget Detector Nugget Detector
Price $850 $800
Manufactured in 2002 2002
Battery Type Two 9V 8 AA
Weight (Lbs.) 3.5 3.9
Operating frequency 30 kHz. 48 kHz.
Display Yes Yes
Backlight Yes No
Target ID Numeric Audio+Numeric
Tone ID 2 Tones Single Tone
Search Modes
  • Discriminate
  • All Metal
  • Full Time Iron ID
  • Pinpoint
Ability to change coils Yes Yes
Ground balance Auto, Manual Auto, Manual
Waterproof Coil only Coil only
Warranty Lifetime 2 Years
Number of Reviews graph 4
graph 2
graph 1
graph 14
graph 4
graph 1
graph 4
Avg. User Rating 4.43 4.04
Avg. Durability Rating 4.00 3.57
Avg. Ease of Use Rating 3.00 3.43
Avg. Depth Rating
Depth value
Depth value

Most helpful review for Fisher Gold Strike

Is the Gold Strike worth it... ?
I have been using the Gold Bug 2 for several years now and I thought I'd upgrade to the newer Gold Strike from Fisher. At first I thought I had made a real mistake but found that the biggest part of the problem was the operator... me...
The Gold Strike has a much more difficult learning curve than the Gold Bug 2 but if you put in the time and effort to learn the detector it works quite well. I took both detectors with me on a trip to central Az, and ran them against each other in a field test.
Result... over the course of 3 days, every time I detected a nugget with the Gold Bug 2 the Gold Strike would also find it before digging, The Gold Strike found 2 moderately buried nuggets that the Gold Bug would have missed because of hot rocks.... The Gold Strike did find a lot of Trash that the Gold Bug ignored but the final tabulation was ..
Gold Bug 2 --- 5 nuggets (very small to medium)
Gold Strike -- 7 nuggets (very small to medium)
Total gold ... about 4 Dwt.
If you take the time to learn how to use the Gold strike, it is a very good machine. For a first Detector I wouldn't recommend it but for someone willing to take the time to learn how to adjust it properly, It is worth the effort.
Glenn R. from Central Texas

Thumbs up! 236
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Most helpful review for Whites Gold Master GMT

Easiest to learn
I have used virtually every gold detector manufactured in the last fifteen years and the GMT is the easiest to learn. The "AutoTrac" makes it easy to ground balance even in highly mineralized ground. Or for people like me that prefer more hands on adjustments there is the key pad to make manual ground balance easy, the "GRAB" button makes this process very fast. The "IRON ID' on the GMT is second to none and I tend to use it in the "AUDIO BOOST" mode.
Steve from Oregon

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