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Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II
Tesoro Sand Shark
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Options Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II Tesoro Sand Shark
Detector Type PI Beach Detector PI Beach Detector
Price $750 $679
Manufactured in 2000 1999
Battery Type 8 AA 8 AA
Weight (Lbs.) 5.1 4.4
Operating frequency 750 PPS, Adjustable 600 PPS.
Display None None
Backlight No No
Target ID Audio
Tone ID Single Tone
Search Modes
  • All Metal
  • All Metal
Ability to change coils Yes No
Ground balance Auto Auto
Waterproof 200 feet 200 feet
Warranty 1 Year Lifetime
Number of Reviews graph 26
graph 7
graph 4
graph 1
graph 16
graph 3
graph 2
graph 1
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Avg. User Rating 4.53 4.25
Avg. Durability Rating 5.00 4.17
Avg. Ease of Use Rating 4.43 4.17
Avg. Depth Rating
Depth value
Depth value

Most helpful review for Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II

Great machine... Know what you are doing
To call this machine rubbish or junk is just ignorant. I've used PI machines for years in many places and I know them well, so I will try and help some people out with this review.

The SHM11 is a machine for diggers. Period. If you don't like to dig nails, or bottle caps, or fish hooks, sinkers, etc... Don't get this machine, but you will miss the pleasant surprises that come from hearing a very faint, sometimes almost imperceptible tone, taking a scoop, getting louder, another scoop, blowing your ears out , and BAM! A nice gold ring in the scoop that the VLF guys went right over.

There is a phenomenon with PI detectors that causes them to detect objects deeper in salt water and wet salt sand than in air alone, so air tests are not accurate. Because it is a PI machine, iron reads as a good conductor, so there is NO WAY you can discriminate iron, and any amount of an attempt at discrimination will cost you depth.
This is what you have to do... Run on zero discrimination on standard mode and forget discreet mode, It costs you depth. There will be a natural wavering of the tone, and in highly mineralized sand you will get a false signal if you touch the coil to the sand, but you will get a slight, or loud, sharp, REPEATABLE increase in volume when you go over a target.

No matter what Garrett tells you, or anyone tells you, you can NOT eliminate an aluminum pop top and still pick up a gold ring. It is the science of metal, not my opinion.
Gold is lower in conductivity than aluminum and the size an karat amount will determine how hard it is to detect. Gold is a POOR conductor. It is used in electronics for it's high corrosion resistance, not conductivity. You may get lucky and pick up large, thick men's rings with disc. set higher, but you will miss a lot.

If you live on the Texas Gulf coast where there are lots of nails and junk in the water, you either dig until you are sore, or try a VLF detector that will discriminate iron. High trash areas will be frustrating and discouraging.

Here is a good way to find out if you will find gold rings... No nickels dug, No pull tabs dug = No gold rings dug. It is that simple. As far as quality of the machine... It is built like a tank. Very durable and leak proof.

The volume is loud because it is a DIVING detector. Divers need the loud volume to hear targets over their bubbles. As far as Garrett goes, I don't think anyone can dispute that their customer service is the best in the business. If you have a problem, just call them and they will make it right by you, without fail.

Brand bashing is irresponsible and I have tried a lot of the leading brands. They all have pros and cons, features that I liked, and some I disliked. No machine is perfect for all applications. It is unreasonable to think anyone can build a machine that is, because it is impossible. Detecting successfully is a science, you don't learn it all in a week, a year, or ever. It is a never-ending learning process.

If you do decide on the Sea Hunter... Read some books, turn your disc. down to zero, be persistent, learn your machine, slow down and enjoy being outside and getting some exercise. You will be rewarded over time...

I hope I helped some of you with facts I learned the hard way and from men who knew a lot more than I.
Aaron from Maui, HI USA

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Most helpful review for Tesoro Sand Shark

Simply the best.
I've been using the Tesoro Sand Shark for nearly a year now. It is hands down the best salt water machine on the market. From Jan 1 2011 until now, May 19 2011, I have found 105 rings. (26 gold, 35 silver, 44 junk). That does not include the 3 gold necklaces, or the multitudes of silver necklaces and bracelets found, nor the droves of earrings, both gold and silver.

I hunt typically 4 days per week. Many of my hunting pals use the excal. The Tesoro Sand Shark outperforms them with regularity. It is deeper than the Excal, even with the 8" coil.

It is super sensitive and does find the small gold that the excal, and most of the rest, can't.

There is no discrimination on this machine. It is a straight PI machine. You will dig trash and iron. Just like the rest do. Excal will null on iron which is nice, but now that the Bobbi pins are made of non-iron material, that feature is now worthless.

Do yourself and your wallet a favor. Get this unit. You'll not be disappointed and you'll have the finest PI machine on the market.

Did I mention the lifetime warranty? LIFETIME!
DewGuru from Gulf Coast, Florida

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