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Options Discovery TF 900 Whites TM 808
Detector Type 2 box Detector 2 box Detector
Price $600 $700
Manufactured in
Battery Type
Weight (Lbs.)
Operating frequency
Target ID
Tone ID
Search Modes
Ability to change coils
Ground balance
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Avg. User Rating 3.00 4.22
Avg. Durability Rating 3.00
Avg. Ease of Use Rating 3.00
Avg. Depth Rating No data available yet No data available yet

Most helpful review for Discovery TF 900

I use a land detector and recently got into underwater detecting. My girlfriend and I enjoy them both so much I bought her her own machines. Having nice amounts of time off work. I decided to take the plunge and get a deep 2 box detector. After talking with Tony at Kellyco I decided to buy a TF900. Well I had the ability to do some scouting on some old property and I started to use the deep detector to go over the land after I used my regular land detector. My first find was not to great an old engine block 4 feet down. My friends had a hell of a chuckle on that.

I live in a house that is about a hundred years old and going over the yard I found an open cavern or cave like signal. I dug up my own yard a little and low and behold found a old maybe forgotten bomb shelter inside were some very old medicine bottles, papers from the early 1920s. It was a big deal for me. I then later was going over some land behind an old building on my property and got a good hit solid signal. I couldn't resist and began to dig and ended up unearthing a Massive cannon ball safe. I am sending pictures of all of this to Kellyco. We are currently working to open the safe now. I found the unit to work well is simple and appears to be of very good construction. So far I give it all thumbs up!

Ed Miller from PA USA

Thumbs up! 108
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Most helpful review for Whites TM 808

If you want to find "trash", get this one
We were using this metal detector for some days and we kept finding trash cans. It does not really descriminates well. It is a deep searching machine, but without any kind of descrimination.
John from Texas

Thumbs up! 114
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