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Whites Beach Hunter ID tips

Beach hunter id's floating, flipping coil fix

Aug 31, 2013
A lot of reviewers complain about the floating coil, and the need to secure the coil against flipping up. Well, there is an easy way to ease both these problems considerably.

I've been experimenting with reversing the coil while in the water. This just about completely solves the flipping up problem. And it seems easier to hold the coil down too. The physics is easy to understand. The more obtuse the angle, the longer the lever, and the greater the distance the pole has to travel to move the coil down. But your shoulder is short, it doesn't go higher, so it takes greater muscular force to push the coil down. Imagine a 40' tube...Imagine how hard it would be to push the coil down then. Shorten your tube, and reverse the coil, and your body will be more directly over the coil, so you will use your weight more and your muscles less. It will take less effort to hold down the coil.

The effort of the side to side motion will seem easier too, simply because the sweep is shorter, and the period of exerting the same muscles in one direction is shortened. You will cover just as much ground, because with a shorter sweep, the time period of the sweep is correspondingly shorter as well.

The BHid can be noisy in saltwater. Don't sweat it. You will quickly learn the difference between noise and a signal. Reducing the sensitivity reduces noise. There is some sweet spot in a particular environment where the machine reads deepest. One reviewer says its at 7/8 sensitivity. I don't know, I know on land white's machine like the xlt can sometimes read deeper with less sensitivity. I've been putting it where the noise reduces to a reasonable level. I'm still experimenting.

The nylon case does hide the red light. I put it on my belt, and the latch on the battery cover came undone. I had to rebuild that battery and pickle and clean the terminals inside the compartment. I'm going to make a neoprene case for it. As to the case cracking around the screws. Don't overtighten the screws, just snug 'em, and test in a tub of fresh water for bubbles. The all metal switch, yes is a pain, it wants to switch to the center detente. Make sure the rubber bootie nut is screwed down tight.

Weakest link: the swivel joints in the headphones. They break easy while transporting, at least I broke 'em fast, one after the other. Easy to get replacement from whites, but I don't know how to remove the old broken stub that fell down into the ear cups and now rattles a bit.
Scaupus from South Florida

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