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Greg, north carolina

Mar 08, 2018
Greg from North Carolina, might have had a stroke. Competitors like White's and First Texas, do not manufacture each others metal detectors, never happened, never will. They are called competitors for a reason. That's like saying Chevy manufactures Fords...LOL. Antique metal detectors are no longer manufactured or sold, for good reason... Because they do not perform as well as modern models. If they did, they would still be made and sold, performance sells. True, however, A person that knows how to use an antique metal detector will likely do better with that antique than they would a modern model... That they do not know how to use.

To say 1970's or 1980's metal detectors out perform the modern models is the same as saying a 1970 car has more safety features than a 2018 car, not a well informed nor experienced perspective.
Howard from Oregon

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