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Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II Tips

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Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II tips

Sea hunter mk 2 stainless bracket

Jan 05, 2018
if you are having a hard time installing the unit on stainless bracket, stop and take a look under the stainless brackets you will see some markings for L and R brackets. Also you can use teflon or tape to lessen the wiggle or flimsy shaft of sea hunter day 1 I used diy rubber coil protector, now coil still looks brandnew also buy extra silicone grease and lube the O-rings for maintenance and additional o-ring life span here is a short video of my sea hunter on beach water, found a silver ring https://www.youtube.Com/watch?V=Db6yVSF5lm4
Joms from Manila Philippines

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Stop the left swing sing

Dec 16, 2016
I recently purchased a Garrett Sea Hunter Mark 2 and was frustrated at the singing I got when swinging left. I thought the machine was faulty until reading some of the reviews here. I turned the threshold to zero and the noise stopped! So now I'm hunting silently but with almost no coil noise. I do like this piece of equipment very much. Cheers and merry Christmas to one and all.
Chris from Perth Australia

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