Garrett Master Hunter CX Plus

Garrett Master Hunter CX Plus Price: $600
Avg. Score: 5 stars! 4.6
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February 09, 2009
I have owned this detector for about 7 months, I've found a jar of coins with it---has to be the most user friendly machine that I've used.
Fairly deep 6" quarters, deadly pinpoint, quick change, non-motion to disc. Very deep non-motion 8" 5c't. Charles out to be proud!!!!

Overall Rating 4 stars


Garrett master hunter cx 3 review

May 26, 2007
What a fantastic detector , i have owned 3 cx 3's over the last 15 years and always regretted selling them. I have found the response to small jewellry in all metal to be superb - the very best. This detector is probably one of the most underated detectors ever built , a real golden oldie for true pro's. Charles garretts own personal favourite too from what i hear. The cx 3 will find tiny targets easily with its hot response. It will find deep non ferrous too, pretty deep despite what others may say. You wont see many of these for sale because people hang on to these detectors and have a cult status even though little is known about them by many newer detector users. All in all this is a fantastic looking detector that offers great performance but takes practice to get comfortable with it. On coin shooting sites it works great and works better with a slow search speed. Well done charles garrett with this detector you produced a fantastic detector , a real beauty..

Overall Rating 5 stars!


First Day Surprise

February 03, 2007
I had always wanted a Master Hunter because I had heard it was a pretty good machine, and liked the way it looked. No arm cuff, just keep your arm straight and swing it with your wrist. I have owned dozens of detectors over the years, but never a Garrett. I had heard that Garrett's weren't really deep machines, but wanted to give it a try. I was able to make a trade, so the machine really cost me nothing. I was SHOCKED by the air test. Without getting into details, it was far deeper than most machines I had used. The ground tracking feature worked great, and the analog-digital meter was a pleasant surprise. It operates at a pretty low frequency, but was able to dig small objects like buttons at really good depths. And it was very comfortable with the 8.5 inch coil. The two knob discriminator really did a good job, better than any machine I had used previously. It's built well, and I think it will stand up to some serious, deep woods detecting. It does a good job in bad ground, which prevented many machines I have owned from getting any of their advertised depth. At $500 I think it is a pretty good deal. I don't think you will find a lot of used ones though. They just don't seem to be available very often. After a few weeks of using this detector, I will update my review. So far, so good!

Overall Rating 5 stars!


An Underrated Performer

June 08, 2006
The CX Plus is easy to love and tough to review.
It's not a coinshooter, not a prospector, not a two box (but can be), handles rough ground better than most--it's not a great detector for anything but a very good detector for lots of things. If you're predominantly into one type of TH'ing, you'd probably be better served by a more specialized detector. If you want to "do it all", this machine can. It's rugged, travels well, and performs as well or better than anything in it's price range. I now have a couple of specialized detectors but keep this as an incredibly versatile back-up. When I travel, this is the one detector that travels with me--I can't bring a gold machine, a coin machine, and so on, but this breaks down into a briefcase sized bag and I have one detector I'm confident I can use for any hunting condition.

Overall Rating 4 stars


Wow, what a "workhorse"!

July 18, 2005
I just recently bought a Garrett Master Hunter CX Plus, and I can't believe how powerful this machine is. First of all, this detector is great on batteries; I have well over 28 hours of use on just one set, and the battery level indicator is still on the third block. Secondly, it has an extremely advanced discrimination program that surpasses any other notable competitor. I rarely waste valuable time on digging "trashy" items. After a month of detecting with my Master Hunter CX Plus, I have already uncovered six silver coins, 37 wheat pennies, four Indian Head cents, and a 1907 Canadian cent. I strongly recommend this metal detector for anyone who wants to enter into high-class performance.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


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