Is Metal Detecting For Me?

Stay in shape

The exercise is good for you, even if your just walking along. Metal detecting is relaxing. You get lots of fresh air, and it gives you a chance to clear your mind, and focus on something else.

New adventures

Would you like to go places that you normally wouldn't think about going? If you like adventure or exploring, then this is the hobby for you. People have an inborne curiosity when it comes to "lost" treasure.

Metal detecting as a hobby

There are some detectorists that would like to do it full time, but is it possible to make a living just by metal detecting? You would really have to hit the big one, and that thought motivates a lot of detectorists. Just finding cool things like jewelry and old coins is enough to keep you "hooked."

Finding the time

We hear some people sell their new detectors, right after they buy them. They bought them to try their luck at metal detecting and then realized they couldn't find the time. A couple of hours on a weekend with your detector could be a nice energy boost for a busy week ahead. Don't get stuck in a grind, get out and play a little!

Touching History

What is it like to find a coin that was dropped a few centuries ago? The feeling can't be described, you have to experience it for yourself.


Metal detecting is like fishing. If you practice a lot, you will become good at it and you'll start catching the bigger fish.