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Metal Detector Accessories - Pinpointers

A Pinpointer is a metal detecting tool used for locating your targets when digging, also called a probe.

The purpose of this device is to save your recovery time. Think of it as a tiny metal detector that you could insert in the hole you're digging to find your target without digging a crater.

If you have a hard time pinpointing with your metal detector, consider buying one of these probes.


Automax Precision v2 (35 Reviews):3 stars $140
Automax Precision v4 (1 Review):2 stars $119.95
Bounty Hunter Pinpointer (29 Reviews):2 stars $70
Depth Master Super Probe n/a $120
Detectorpro Pistol Probe (7 Reviews):5 stars! $170

Falcon Gold Probe MD20 (12 Reviews):4 stars $220
Garrett Pocket Probe (18 Reviews):5 stars! $120
Garrett Pro Pointer (38 Reviews):5 stars! $150
Minelab Pro-Find 25 Pinpointer (6 Reviews):3 stars $170
Pocket UniProbe (3 Reviews):5 stars! $300

Sherlock Electronic Probe (5 Reviews):5 stars! $80
Sun Ray X-1 Probe (3 Reviews):5 stars! $220
Tinytec Deluxe (5 Reviews):5 stars! $120
Tinytec Ultra Deluxe (4 Reviews):5 stars! $50
Treasure Mate Pinpointer (11 Reviews):5 stars! $170

Vibra-Quatic 2 Pinpointer (2 Reviews):5 stars! $169.95
Vibraprobe 560 (22 Reviews):4 stars $120
Whites Bullseye (35 Reviews):4 stars $120