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Makro Metal Detectors

Makro metal detectors is a manufacturer in Turkey and have been in business since 1986.
Through innovative design and advanced technology they are gaining a following in US, Europe and around the world.

Makro Products

Pinpointer Pointer (3 Reviews)5 stars! $125
Coin and Relic Detector Racer (14 Reviews)4 stars $650

Coin/Relic - General Hobby Detectors for Coin, Relic and Jewelry Hunting.
Beach Detectors - Designed to be used under water or wading at a beach.
Nugget Detectors - Optimized for gold nugget hunting or prospecting.
Industrial Detectors - Optimized for locating pipes, valve covers, property stakes.
2 box Detectors - (Known as two-box) Optimized for locating large, very deep targets.