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Gold Prospecting Metal Detectors

Metal detectors that were specifically designed to find gold in its natural form (nuggets) are listed below. If you are new to the hobby and looking for your first metal detector, keep in mind that not all metal detectors are capable of finding tiny specs of gold in the mountains or brooks you might be planning to visit.
While your average hobby detector will find a gold nugget, if its big enough (close to a coin in size), which is hard to come across, the detectors on this page, are optimized to find much smaller gold nuggets.
If you only plan to go prospecting once a year, and you want to primarily hunt for coins and jewelry locally, I would strongly advise buying a detector made just for that purpose. You will be less frustrated in the end.

There are a few general hobby detectors that have a prospecting mode, such as:

Minelab Sovereign GT
Teknetics G2
Minelab Xterra 705

that are not listed on this page. These are good choices if prospecting is something you would like to try, but don't want to buy a separate machine.

If you do not see a detector you are interested in listed here, please use the add a detector form.


Gold Bug (1986) (4) 4 stars$N/A
Gold Bug (new) (1) 5 stars!$550
Gold Bug 2 (22) 5 stars!$850
Gold Bug DP (2) 5 stars!$750
Gold Bug Pro (10) 5 stars!$700
Gold Strike (7) 4 stars$850


AT Gold (17) 4 stars$800
ATX (7) 4 stars$2120
Scorpion Gold Stinger (24) 4 stars$550


Eureka Gold (43) 4 stars$1000
Golden Hawk (2) 5 stars!$N/A
GP 3000 (4) 5 stars!$3000
GP Extreme (4) 4 stars$N/A
GPX 4800 (1) 5 stars!$6500
GPX 5000 (4) 3 stars$7000
GPX-4000 (0) $5000
GPX-4500 (2) 5 stars!$5000
Klondike (0) $450
SD 2100v2 (2) 5 stars!$1800
SD 2200v2 (1) 5 stars!$2000
XT 17000 (0) $N/A
XT 18000 (2) 5 stars!$850


FORS Gold (1) 1 star$699


Black Hawk (0) $4800

Other Companies

Deep Tech Vista Gold (2) 5 stars!$800


Lobo SuperTRAQ (21) 5 stars!$700


GMZ (1) 4 stars$500
Gold Master 2 (0) $400
Gold Master GMT (22) 4 stars$800
Goldmaster 4B (2) 4 stars$500
Goldmaster V/SAT (2) 4 stars$N/A
TDI (16) 5 stars!$1600
TDI pro (1) 5 stars!$1800
TDI SL (2) 3 stars$1250