FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions

We thought it would be a good idea to add an FAQ page and post some of the questions people ask in hopes it would help others in a similar situation. Of course, you can always email us if you are still unsure about a particular detector or an application where you need to use a detector. Without further ado lets get it started.

Question 1

Hello, my name is Mike and I work for a Police Department. We are purchasing a metal detector for our forensic unit and I have been tasked with selecting a model. I know nothing about metal detectors. I would very much like it if you could recommend a few good all purpose metal detector that is also not going to break the budget.

The last time the budget was approved we had opted for one that cost $250.00 so somewhere in that ball park. The needs we have for a metal detector is searching mild to heavy vegetation for gun brass and other metal weapon type stuff.

Answer 1

Tesoro silver umax Hi Mike, I would say something like the Tesoro Silver uMax ($250) would be easy to operate plus it has a lifetime warranty. For tall weeds and thick brush you might want to pick up a smaller 4" coil for it, which cost around $60-80 but would help a gread deal.
We also have a section on the home page called Recommended Beginner Detectors where I listed some models in your price range. These are all good general purpose detectors that will find anything from iron to platinum, and anything in between. Please read some of the reviews under the "Recommended Beginner Detectors" to see if the other choices might be of interest to you.

Also, if you are unable to find something due to whatever reason, people in the metal detecting community are always eager to help out and do a good deed for the hobby. All you have to do is ask on any of the metal detecting forums out there, and I guarantee you would have several people ready to help the same day.