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About the German company OKM

OKM Ortungstechnik GmbH was founded in 2002 and belongs to the leading manufacturers of geophysical measuring instruments in todays market. Before the formation of OKM Ortungstechnik GmbH new standards in the branch of visual depth had already been created by OKM Ortungstechnik GbR. In the meantime, OKM Ortungstechnik GmbH engages not only electronic technicians, who work on existing and established technologies, but dedicated engineers, who look for new techniques to explore for hidden objects.

An important aspect of the development of new devices is to find more compact equipment that is easier to handle. Our products are always in the process of being improved to satisfy all of the above requirements. Our high quality measuring instruments are valued and are successfully established by archeologist and treasure hunters all over the world. Great discoveries prove the capability of our products. A global distribution network of independent sales representatives assures a high availability of our products on national and international market.

Advantages of OKM technology

OKM technology With geophysical instruments from the German manufacturer "OKM Locating Technology" you are able to locate buried targets like gold and silver coins, rings, gold bars, chests, boxes, jewelleries, treasures, gold, silver, aluminium, precious metals, relics, copper statues, bronze statues, iron objects, marble stones, flagstones or hidden voids like tunnels, grave chambers, tombs, graves, caves etc. as well as water deposits under the ground. Also it is possible to detect basement structures of old buildings, ancient ruins, hidden walls, relics as well as pipelines, cables and canalisation by using one of our specially designed high resolution multi sensor devices. OKM has been the first company who introduced the multi sensor technology into the world market.

OKM's high developed earth imager products are specially designed for professional treasure hunting and include additional features besides the metal detector standard tasks. Via a mini monitor or high-tech video eyeglasses it is possible to illustrate the underground with all its anomalies and buried objects and get a live picture of the underground. So the treasure hunter is able to see live into the ground with his metal detector. What is kept as a mystery for the human eye becomes visible by the help of our metal detecting instruments, the unseen becomes visible, unexpected treasures will be discovered.
A colored 3d representation of the underground is shown by the device, which allows searchers to see different kind of anomalies of the ground (like voids, caves, buried objects, ...) and to determine even their position and depth. By using this advanced technology many buried items can be located at depths beyond usual metal detectors.

OKM products

  1. Black Hawk n/a $4800
  2. Cavefinder n/a $3000
  3. Evolution n/a $5500
  4. eXp 4000 n/a $18000
  5. eXp 5000 (1 Review)1 star $27000

  6. FS-Thermoscan n/a $6000
  7. Future I-160 n/a $36000
  8. Gems (1 Review)4 stars $8000
  9. Reflexion n/a $N/A
  10. Rover C n/a $5000

  11. Rover C II n/a $N/A
  12. Rover Deluxe n/a $12000
  13. Waterfinder n/a $N/A