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Beach and Water Metal Detectors

Listed below are metal detectors that were specifically designed to to be used underwater for locating gold or silver jewelry, coins, and other artifacts. Generally speaking, there are two types of detectors on this page:
Non Discriminating, such as PI (Pulse Induction)

As the name suggests, you can discriminate (eliminate) iron, hot rocks, bottlecaps, and other unwanted metals that may be present at the beach or your diving spot, saving you time and a sore back.
Non Discriminating (Marked in red)
Yes, you guessed it, it's a "dig everything" detector that will keep you digging and digging. A Pulse Induction (PI) detector normally goes deeper and could give you an edge over the competition.

Much more could be said, but I don't want to overwhelm you with technical terms and confuse you more than you might already be.


Headhunter Diver (15) 2 stars$700
Headhunter Pirate (1) 1 star$300
Headhunter Pulse (10) 4 stars$700
Headhunter Wader (13) 3 stars$600


1280x Aquanaut (16) 4 stars$800
CZ 20 (28) 4 stars$1000
CZ 21 (10) 4 stars$1000
Impulse (3) 4 stars$700


AT MAX (3) 4 stars$722
AT PRO (142) 4 stars$700
Infinium LS (42) 4 stars$1200
Sea Hunter Mark II (38) 5 stars!$750


Excalibur 1000 (63) 4 stars$1000
Excalibur 800 (7) 4 stars$800
Excalibur II (25) 4 stars$1200

Other Companies

Aquastar II (2) 3 stars$2000
Aquavision Pro (30) 2 stars$N/A
Cobra Hybrid Wader (0) $300
Cobra Wader (0) $300
Gold Digger MD-3080 (0) $200
JW Fisher Pulse 8X Pro (1) 5 stars!$1500
Viper Trident (2) 3 stars$500


Sand Shark (24) 4 stars$679
Stingray II (0) $700
Tiger Shark (8) 4 stars$750


Surfmaster PI (6) 5 stars!$N/A
Surfmaster PI Pro (10) 5 stars!$700

If you do not see a waterproof metal detector that you use listed here,
please use the add a detector form.