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August 19, 2008
I bought this unit on a whim, but have a blast with it. I have found lots of things in the three weeks I've owned it, and am amazed at its depth. I have found thing at 18 inches, on one occasion I had a consistant tone in the full silver range a few days after a good rain. I had no bars on the depth meter, I dug down about thirty inches and had achived a bar now reading on my depth meter. the ground was getting tough and my hole could have buried a small car, reluctently with some heavy rain approaching I filled in the hole. hope to return soon. over all I have enjoyed the light weight of this unit. I dislike the ability to control volume.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Pretty good , Steep learning curve.

February 19, 2008
Got it for Christmas, was able to take it out a couple of times. True, it may be a bit sensitive, but with practice that becomes a plus. I found metal at @ 14" with a strong signal. Built in pinpointer is great, but you need a marker for your find. Coil mount is anemic, but will hold up with careful use. Adjustments to Disc. and Sens. will give good targeting, but you need to spend time learning. It may be a little electronically overbuilt, but will be a good general detector with practice. Not for the newby, it wiil find treasure.

Overall Rating 4 stars


Poor poor poor

February 06, 2008
1.with sensitivity and discrimination turned all the way down this unit only detects @ 3 feet, so anything on the surface is passed

2. the bracket which coil attaches to broke on the first day

3. taget id very poor

Overall Rating 5 stars!


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