JW Fisher Pulse 8X Pro

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December 14, 2006
I recently purchased a JW Fisher Pulse 8x and decided to run a stability test. In the past I had owned a Garrett PI unit and I was very pleased with the sensitivity. Its ability to detect was impressive. However, I did experience one problem that proved to be quite annoying, the ability to maintain a threshold setting. I found that I constantly needed to retune the unit every five or ten minutes. With the Pulse 8x, I tuned the unit one time setting the threshold slightly below .2 and just before full quieting allowing only a slight audio tone to be heard. Honestly, the stability to hold at this setting was as solid as a rock for over eight hours of operation. I did not need to retune once it was set. I have a planned trip coming up this month on December 28th to South America. I will post another thought once I see how well it holds true to the test. NORMAN

Overall Rating 5 stars!