Newforce CS1220R

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As good as the rest in this range

May 22, 2008
OK this is as good as any in this range depth is very good. It is very sensitive to small objects that other units leave behind. It has a easy menu to follow and the screen is very clear and large display to see.
I have found coins up to 7inchs deep. It does start to feel a bit heavy after a while battery life is as you would expect very good as it is driving a large LCD screen. it does run out of tune a lot when moving over the ground but you must remember the minerals in the soil are for ever changing, just pressing the tune button on the unit brings it back in tune while you are still swinging the unit.This can be a piss off but remember that the unit is then at its max tune no matter what ground you are covering unlike a pre-set machine.

The audio on the 1220r is great some people don't like the high and low noises this unit makes and at first it can be norse but if it a good target is under the search coil you better dig it. On the beach this unit is great on dry sand at middle to top beach area and does well on wet sand but wet black sand forget it.
OK when you get use to this unit it is one of the most sensitive best units out there I've owned all the top models out there and will put this unit against any of them on any land. If you haven't took the time to try and get use to this unit you are missing out if you are a turn on and go man fine this unit lets you tune it to perfection. gary birmingham uk.

Overall Rating 4 stars