Whites Gold Master GMT

Price: $800
Avg. Score: 4 stars 4.04
Based on 23 reviews

Avg. Durability: 4 stars3.57
Avg. Ease of use: 3 stars3.43
Maximum detection depth

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Old guy

November 04, 2011
Done 1000 hours or more with my gmt, never had a problem with it and there are more ways to tune and use this machine than is generally accepted. You can poke about quietly on auto or overdrive it on manual, depending on how much noise you can handle.

At 100 hours I thought I knew it all, how wrong I was. There is no substitute for practice and your ability will just get better and better as you notch up the hours. As a beginner, just follow the "how to use book" then move on with your own experimenting from there. Read all the reviews, there will be many you can pick-up helpful hints from. Eventually, you and your gmt will blend together as one. Good luck. Chris.

Overall Rating 4 stars


Just about right

August 21, 2011
You can spend more money and you can buy more bells and whistles - but I have found the GMT to be just about right in terms of price vs. Performance vs. Features. This is a gold machine and it is tweaked for gold prospecting. It doesn't have stuff like Garretts 'treasure vision' to show you pull tabs because, well..... Uhhh ... When you're out in the boon-docks prospecting for gold you're not likely to come across a bunch of pull tabs (like you would in a park, for instance).

I see where people buy a metal detector and then they are upset because they didn't find the Lost Dutchman Gold Mine on the second day out. Folks, that's like buying a guitar and wondering why you don't have a gold record on MTV. Nothing takes the place of practice. I can't stress say that enough - so I'll say it again: NOTHING takes the place of practice. Get it? Learn your machine inside out BEFORE you go out prospecting.

Another problem I see reading these reviews is that some people can't seem to figure out how to use the GMT (or whatever they bought). You know, that's where the value of buying from a local dealer really shines. Yeah, I know, you might save $10 and get a 'free' gold huter's coin pouch (read; junk that you'll never use) from that mail order house - but if you need some training on how to operate your MD, a telephone session to that on-line dealer ain't nearly as good as some one-to-one hands on time with your local dealer.

OK back to the GMT. IF I was relic hunting, I would probably look at something else. But I am gold prospecting (only) and it was a toss up between the Fisher Gold Bug II and the Whites GMT. The Fisher has a smidge more depth and the Whites has a touch more sensitivity. Neither of those two was a deal breaker. I went with the Whites because I liked the 'follow the paystreak' display feature and when it's all said and done, I made the right choice for me. That doesn't mean that it is the right choice for you, so do your homework first.

All said and done that GMT is a great little machine at a fair price. Take the time to learn your GMT and you'll be glad you did when you start finding nuggets. They are out there and people are finding them with the GMT (and other machines too) I just like my GMT. I would buy the GMT again without hesitation.

Overall Rating 5 stars!



April 18, 2011
I wish I had an instructor or someone to teach me the techniques of this detector. I have found lots of tin and lead bullets that made me think it was gold. No luck yet but with more work and lots of time I'm sure my ratting will get better. Doesn't seem like theres any gold in sw Montana that the machine will detect, for some reason it picks up fools gold or iron pirate pretty well. UGH

Overall Rating 1 star


Only way to go

February 16, 2011
Well I have had mine 4 years on the same battery set. I go out every weekend if not during the week.Love the feel how it finds what I am looking for for that day. S
eems strange it get's alot of use here in Az 3 Points outside Tucson is where I work mine the most.Only one that gets the job done I have 9 rigs.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


GMT is awesome!

February 02, 2011
I whole heartedly agree with others on how good the GMT is. I love the ground grab, iron probability, and soil mineralization read outs to no end. The manual grab/balance feature is easily had by your thumb and is real fast and easy to change if you want to. Isn't talked about much but many like to,or wish they could, run their detectors at a positive ground balance for more sensitivity. The GMT allows for this quik and easy. Just flick it to manual ground setting, grab the ground while coil is near the ground with thumb, then go up or down with the manual buttons to the right of the grab button till she hums going towards the ground.

Some users stick with the stock 6x10 DD coil but in my testing the 4x6" has it's place. The 4x6" is spectacular in seperating items and runs a smoother threshhold. In laying down test samples 2.5" apart in size 1gr,4gr,1/2g,1dwt,1/4oz it goes zip five times each swing.. Try that with anything else out there and get back to me :)

If the ground allows for it you can turn the 6x10" all the way up and go for everything above about 1/2g another 2" deeper. 1/4oz nugget at about 12" in air tests. It still picks up the small stuff just not quite as good as the 4x6" in on the ground tests. Haven't tried the larger Sierra coil to know how it behaves..

It's said GMT is about as good on sub-grain sized gold as the GBII. Not much into sub-grain stuff but mine for sure does 1gr at 3" with audio boost.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


GMT= Sugardaddy

December 14, 2010
Great machine!!!! First month I took over 6 thousand in picker sized nuggets and some in quartz. The depth is awsome for those small ones and this machine is light enough to handle all day long. Hats off to Mr White and his team....

Overall Rating 5 stars!



January 13, 2009
Great detector, but if you need to replace loop cable forget it you have to send in for repair or buy a new coil.

Overall Rating 4 stars


GMT Rocks on tailings

December 08, 2008
The GMT is the machine to use in tailings piles. I have found many nice specimens in old mine dumps with the GMT. The I.D. function works good but always scrape some off before passing a target, sometimes not correct at depth. I would never get rid of this machine.....

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Simple and effective, yet refined

August 29, 2007
This detector is a real simple machine to use in auto-mode for nugget shooting and has the ability to be adjusted manually if you want. First time out nabbed a small piece of quartz with two small bits of gold on auto mode. Depth was about three inches. I was impressed. List is about $800, so it is a bit pricey, but it works great. Easy to handle for long periods of time.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Easiest to learn

December 07, 2004
I have used virtually every gold detector manufactured in the last fifteen years and the GMT is the easiest to learn. The "AutoTrac" makes it easy to ground balance even in highly mineralized ground. Or for people like me that prefer more hands on adjustments there is the key pad to make manual ground balance easy, the "GRAB" button makes this process very fast. The "IRON ID' on the GMT is second to none and I tend to use it in the "AUDIO BOOST" mode.

Overall Rating 4 stars


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