Titan 2000XD

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Titan 2000

December 30, 2011
I purchased the 2000 1yr ago and I have had some great days finding multiple coins with each outing. It really does just as well as my ace 250, at finding coins at about the same depth. For the price its great and I feel it does a little better than bounty hunter machines in the same price range. Keep making them don't give up on the machine.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Titan 2000XD

June 23, 2006
My Grandpa started metal detecting over 35 years ago. I have a couple of his old machines, one being a Bounty Hunter Outlaw. It has a plethora of knobs and a meter marked BAD/GOOD in red/green. About all you knew was some kind of metal was ??down there?? He passed away over 20 years ago, so the detector is at least that old, and probably more like 25 years old. We have a picture on the wall of him and his detectors, posed over an iron pot FULL of gold and silver coins. He traveled the U.S. and detected everywhere.

So with that, I?m not new to metal detectors, just the ??motion?? detectors. They are different, but it?s real easy to get onto. The old analog non-motion detectors have a continuous tone, and go: ??oooooeeeEEEeeeoooo?? as you move the coil over metal. Motion types beep (different tones with different metals) and ID as you move, then freeze the display until another detection is made. You pinpoint by moving in an X pattern and noting where the center of the coil is on each beep. The 2000XD?s coil is dead center on a pinpoint.

I received my Titan 2000XD a week ago. It?s well made and accurate. It?s amazing what 25 years of technology can do with new detectors.

I went out with a buddy, and we waved its coil around an old homestead. Within minutes we found a very old boot over a foot down just from the nails in its heel. Not bad! Also found an 1850?s Mason jar lid about 6?? down. I have a few old jars, so I know what vintage the lid is. The 2000XD ID?ed it as zinc and showed the depth within an inch of where it was actually found. There?s an old fruit cellar crammed full of dry tumbleweeds, so on the next trip we?ll be packing a pitchfork to toss them out with. With any luck, someone?s grandma hid the egg money in the cellar floor. It?s in a hidden place that I remembered finding 20 years ago, so I doubt any detector has ever been used there. There?s also a 20 foot deep cistern?s small opening unseen in the 4 foot tall weeds. I knew it was there from before, but it might trap some unlucky person who doesn?t know about it.

The Titan 2000XD is VERY easy to use. Turn it on and start waving the coil. It?s that simple. The ITD button is great for an instant ??ignore?? on known bad targets. The notch is a cool feature ? you can select more than one notch at different metals. e.g. notch out pop tabs, iron, and zinc, and it will pick up everything else in between. Try THAT with an analog detector! (The R?s in the product photos of the display show the notch or discrimination positions)

The display is easy to see even at high noon. The buttons can be operated with gloves on. The tones are loud enough to be heard without headphones, and the different tones let you work without watching the display yet know what?s being picked up. The coil stays locked in place, and the aluminum coil shaft is locked with a solid snap button setup. No cheesy cinch knob on the shaft!

At this point, I?m in ??dig all targets?? mode until I can get proficient with it. The best so far is finding a rusty brad nail at 5?? down. I had to repeatedly sift through the dug-out soil to find the tiny thing! If there?s any metal down there, the 2000XD won?t miss it!

Overall Rating 5 stars!


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