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Stomp/tamp/ disturb

May 15, 2016
Hello, me again, the one who keep's going and hitting jackpot, posting what I learn. My F5 with Fisher 5 inch coil, I hunted a spot yesterday, between 2 Victorian era homes,little patch off woods, 20yrds x 50yrds... I got a signal, Sometimes I STOMP/TAMP with my foot, then re-check, or I gouge the top layer with my rake end of digger, then re-check. Often enough first attempt,the wrong signal was sent back first off. Stomping tamps/packs the soil, often breaking or disturbing the Halo of reaction of corrosion process. WORKS!!!!

First item I hit was a Ca.1860 Stephen A Douglas/Hershel Johnson Ferrotype Shell. The ferro types were worn out but the shell was minty after soaking in Dawn/WD-40.(going in my Best find binder). Then a Victorian era Little girls silver ring, then a 1920's Jacknife, then a octagonal tag from 1940's, that had ad on it commemorating the PA turnpike completion. Reads PENNA super Highway, 350miles, through seven mountains. I am going back today, only spent 2 hours there before dark. It's a combination of chances. There are task's one can make their chances heightened. First get signal, size item, either gouge or tamp to disturb, to assure proper signal ID, then dig. The small coil is a MUST. The ability to size the item while circling is crucial to making ones chances higher.Small items we seek, not buried treasure chests at ballfield. More detectorist's pass slammer items, trusting the first initial Signal, HUGE MISTAKE......I recently got glasses that record an hour of video. I will start recording,t o help others. If I had $1200 to spend on a unit, I wouldnt use anything but what I am now. I have used $800 Tesoro Lobo Super traq-Whites IDX pro,Garrett Ace, and even went with others, that have proven JACKPOT units. But many's j-pot hits are far spaced, while mine are EVERYTIME, and often at spots these units ran before. Sizing, Disturbing will help you with any detector..Not all the time does the exact reading shows,with any unit..Disturbing or tamping, then RE CHECKING will aid you with any unit. Chemical process of corrosion effect halo is around all items after a few seasons in the earth. Stomping/Tamping can disturb this process,or gouging the top layer after sizing,will get you the true signal of what it is. Try it, you will learn I am correct.

Most detectorists, skim, get bad signal, pass on bye, only stopping when they get a great signal, Silver/Gold. Silver or Gold may not say silver or gold passing atop first time. I had back surgery, and was able to really apply myself learning this F5 unit. One could have a great unit, but using the wrong combination, could make your J-pot hits few and far between.
D1 I set mine in each time after ground balance procedure. Like the old timers swear by, Tone and dig. One same tone for all metals.. If its loud, the item is shallow, If it's weak peep, means deep.. Very small item can give weak peep as well. I am heading back to same spot I was last night.

I wish I could share what I learned with others, because I am using the right combination. It is so nice to hit items of a lifetime, and not have the most expensive rig out there. I live in well to do area, and some use $1200+ unit's, even Military Surplus units they bought when the ARMY depot upgrades, and Me and my F5 with 5 inch fisher coil, can walk right in behind them and make them kick themselves. The dig testing at your home, is not same as in field conditions. Go get a F5, add the 5 inch coil, size the item, then disturb to assure accurate signal, remove items of a lifetime.I collect Abe Lincoln election tokens. I have seen all the civil war election Ferrotype shell examples, But they are expensive for nice ones. I am able to add a minty shell,(minus the ferrotypes) to my collection, Thanks to Fisher labs..

If your buying a gift for your family member. Dont scrimp,..they will never grow out of a Fisher F5 with 5 inch coil. I give my name here. Why would I give my name and be saying some foolish talk. I am easy to locate, and will show what I found, then take you hunting with me. (NO large crowds), but if your new to the genre, and want to avoid having to learn the hard way, I will share what I am doing. I have spine hardware, and really pay when I go, but its still worth it when I can find items of a lifetime the elders from my hometown touched generations ago.

I would stand on a box for Fisher labs, for free!!!! Just to share what they give folks for such little money. December end of 2015 I got my Fisher,I added the 5 inch fisher coil,and have paid for it multiple times over already. Not only that, the items I find are precious to my community Heritage association, and when I am elderly, they will get my binder. Only few months, and its loaded with amazing artifacts. I have to many jackpot items to even mention here.I wish there was photo link or video. Wouldnt be getting any thumbs down, would be running to copy my method and rig..

Depth on a coin Depth Max Depth: 15 inches on US quarter

Overall Rating 5 stars!
Durability 5 stars!
Ease of Use 5 stars!
Would you recommend this to a new user? Yes, absolutely!

Must spread the word

May 02, 2016
Hello, since I got my Fisher F5, I have learned a TON, and I frequent the spot's that get over hunted, and still hit jackpot with my Fisher F5. If you follow what I say here, rather than giving thumb's down, you to will be out-hunting other's with more pricey rigs... The veteran I hunt with,(78 Army Vet), advised me the second I got my Fisher F5, to get a small coil. Rather than risking with after Market, I got the Fisher 5 inch..(Thanks to Ed at Store in TN,got best price).

Losing depth is a myth.. SIZING the item is a MUST to higher your chances you wont be digging for nothing. Wont find a treasure chest buried at your local ball field. The small coil, if you move away as your circling, and lose signal, doing this all around will help you size the item. Any size to a coil, you lose this MUST factor. I am the one mentioning the D1 tone and dig setting. Must be re-set each time the unit is shut off. Shallow item, loud, Deep item Peep.. One sound for all metal's is a must for depth Judging as the Unit's target Id only goes down so deep.

I have been hunting with other's,and going back to same spot and going over the section they did when I am alone, and Hitting Jackpot. I have had my Fisher F5 with Upgraded 5 inch Fisher coil since end of December and have repeatedly hit jackpot where ever I go. 1849 Seated Liberty Half Dime, IH Cents, Mercury Dime, Wheaties, Brooches, Pocket watch, Silver Bracelet I had cleaned and am giving my mother for Mothers day approaching.I found that In EXACT spot my grandfather sat here to wait as he played ball at hometown ball diamond. (Same spot I found the 1849 half Dime Older than my hometown.)..That was him saying hello to me, lol. And the Silver Bracelet, was his Hello to my Mother,lol.

I have learned so much in these few months. On the side bank I keep finding the item's, the fields grandstand was built into the side hill. When removed they back filled with flat crick rock. With small rooting and loose soil, folks would get bad signal and move on. Me, I have a 2ft handle on my digger,one edge is flat edge for cutting and other has 3 long 4 inch fingers. I get a signal, use the rake side to disturb top layer of leaf's, and flat crick rock. Here at first the, would reflect bad signal to unit's, while I disturb and then re check, JACKPOT!!!! Now I have been going to all these over hunted ball fields and hunting wood's around and have been slamming Item's of a lifetime.

It is true what they say, the Fisher 5 inch coil is hot on dimes.. My Fisher came with a 10 inch coil. I listened to one that has been in the hobby since the first detector's were set out for public.. The item's we seek are small, the smaller the coil, the easier it is to size these items before we waste time digging. The larger the coil, less ability to size these small items. In the corn field's, I have found Horse filling's even lol. Diamond studs, Silver bracelet's, Watch's, yet the find of a lifetime. Carl own's the oldest Brokerage in Scranton since 1960. He was 10ft away when I hit the 1849 Seated Liberty Half dime. He has Binders FULL of amazing relic's, Barber halves, etc and he said my Seated Half Dime was best find he ever witnessed in all his year's. I wish I could take all the folk's having trouble's with their Fisher F5's, hunting with me. I am not greedy and was just saying to myself how I wished my friend would hit something big when I got the Seated Half dime.

You must memorize the instructions because even a month later, I was finding thing's that clicked I didn't realize first off. The 5 inch Fisher coil, I will never use anything but a small coil ever again. Iv'e had Whites, Tesoro's, Garrett's, and I know these spot's, Folk's around are running BIG MONEY Unit's and me and my Fisher F5 with 5 inch Fisher coil,I can go in after and still yank the items they missed.. So So many items get missed.

When I get a signal, first I size the item. If small, I disturb top layer.. The initial signal will be wrong in many case's and by disturbing, I get the actual reading. Also,D1 tone and dig..Most are fixated on the different sounds for each metal. One's using that are bound and wont get the hint's of much deeper item's. Once you shut off your F5, you must manually set it right back in D1 or else the default start's back at D2-D3-D4,(Diff tones for metals)..

Flat rocks reflect signal's and especially in location's where soil sank, Must disturb top layer and recheck signal. When I hear sour reviews of Fisher F5's, I want to tear out my hair. I can go to any over hunted location and still hit j-pot.. Example. My friend asked me, why did I go to this spot and kept fishing out old copper wheatie's, IH cents, etc.. And with so many old copper's, should of been some silver.. Reason, Other unit's went through, with scrim turned up for silver and gold and missed all the copper. I run my F5 at 11 oclock, and copper show's as 5 cents when a good IH cent or Wheat. But still enough scrim to avoid total junk.

Every brand unit hit's hot on different item's.My Fisher with 5 inch coil, Hot on Dimes. I started an album of best coin's, and it's mostly dimes and cents. I don't keep clad, I use them for lottery tickets. I don't hunt around on the ground's where recent stuff is found, spot's that grew in and were used 100 year's ago is where I focus. Must realize,100 years ago, ground didn't even look close to now. I hunt around old tree's and stumps.. The small Coil, depth loss is a myth. But I did stick with the coil named brand to my unit. The one's I hunt with, they use after-market, and I go back alone and recheck the spot they hunted when we were together and I find a ton they missed.

I truly would buy a lifetime amount of Fisher F5's with 5 inch Fisher coil's, so I have enough to last a lifetime. When one unit wear's out, Open the next. I believe that much in my Rig. If folk's stood by, witnessing how I do, they would run to shop and copy my exact System, because I have the formula to hit Jackpot. ONE-get signal, TWO-Size item with small coil, THREE- disturb top layer, to assure correct signal, FOUR-dig out what all other's have missed.. THINK, circle your item, if the 5 inch coil, looses signal, the size stops there, THEN on other size, when signal stops, Size of item haults there.. If my coil was any larger,I wouldn't be able to do such a task.

The items we chase are often time's smaller than a soda can. Often times, large item mean's Junk.. I wish I got the advise year's ago. These spots I hunted my entire life and these items It took the FISHER F5 to allow me to see them. They were there all the time. I hunted right past them all these years...(knodding my head).,lol,.FISHER F5+5 inch FISHER COIL=JACKPOT!!!!!!

Depth on a coin Depth Max Depth: 15 inches on US quarter

Overall Rating 5 stars!
Durability 5 stars!
Ease of Use 5 stars!
Would you recommend this to a new user? Yes, absolutely!

Being bound by your unit's vision

February 23, 2016
Hello, I posted earlier reviews that earned many a thumb's down, lol. I wish I explained what I meant in a finer fashion. What I notice with the Fisher F5's talk via web, many become BOUND BY HOW FAR DOWN THEIR UNIT CAN SEE and ID....Anything else, folks are closed minded.. Another forum, I was able to speak with some up on all the terms to explain what I was trying to say in experienced Genre slang. D1 is the first tone setting of Scrim mode. It turns one's unit into a "TONE AND DIG UNIT".. Lite tone=Deep items----Loud tone=Shallow item's and large items.

The Fisher F5's default setting start's at D2. Those are the mode's that make a different sound tone for each metal. Once you stop to eat a PBand J sandwich, and turn your unit off, it automatically starts back off at D2 setting, THE TONE TARGET ID SETTINGS. I would need to, AFTER RE-SETTING ground balance, manually turn my unit back to D1...I think in my personal opinion, using ONLY the unit's target ID different tones, one is being BOUND by how far your unit can read, WHILE the fisher F5 can send you HINTS MUCH DEEPER.
Is there time's when I dig a Coor's can from 15 inches, yes.. The best Target ID units on the market can only see so far down. DONT only BE BOUND by your UNIT is what I wanted to say.
Many spots are hunted out. I go to wooded areas and with my 5'inch fisher coil get in close to tree stumps,EVEN ROTTED, MOSSED up STUMPS, large nut trees. The items often grow with the tree and change position.

Yesterday in close to a tree I got one lite peep, flickering between dime and quarter. In a crease I dug out a Frog pin, Silver with Gold wash on top, that had glass eyes, one eye was missing and a few beads. Was wooded area atop old fair grounds. I'd rather hunt woods for that one BIG HIT than hunt the same popular spots every newb in the hobby hits.

The nay-sayers of my early reviews are to hung up on the different tones to ID the targets, and never give D1 a chance, because one would need to set it back in D1 each time the unit gets turned off. Sadly the F5 has no memory for settings. Default starts at D2-D3-D4,try D1 after setting your ground balance, and dig the lite peeps. If your not yanking the best up from the depth, the items are not present.

There is more to the F5 than a different toned beep for each metal type. If one only follows that, they are BOUND BY THEIR UNITS TARGET ID ABILITY, which is 4-8 inches down. If I told how deep I've got goodies with my F5, I'd have a mob calling me a liar, lol. So I will just use an average 13 inches..

I upgraded to smaller 5 inch coil,(FISHER), the loss of depth is a myth. One's thumb downing me, I wish you could come hunting with me for the day. I am not a dealer, I truly believe in the F5. If one plans on really getting into to the hobby, get a unit you wont grow out of. And the older bucks in the genre, Listen to them. They know what a "TONE AND DIG" unit was all about. F5 has that wonderful aspect for ones who can get past knowing what your digging before you touch soil. Sure that is great aspect to the F5, for 4-8 inch's of depth, but the Fisher F5 has so much more. Set ground balance, then D1, go to old rich woods, where there are old log roads, rotted stumps, and I know you will find Silver.

Depth on a coin Depth Max Depth: 13 inches on US quarter

Overall Rating 5 stars!
Durability 5 stars!
Ease of Use 5 stars!
Would you recommend this to a new user? Yes, absolutely!

Memorizing f5's manuel

January 09, 2016
Something Else I wanted to share, that might aid others in understanding the expertise of the Fisher F5. I am just a fellow Detectorist who started with a Whites IDX pro, then out west (Idaho), a Tesoro Lobo Super traq. The Tesoro was great for out west due to sensitivity for gold. But when I moved back to PA, was not meant for here.

A shop owner friend, bought the F5, and used it 2 times and upgraded to a $1200 Whites, lucky for me. I bought it for a deal and it is the finest Detector I ever used. If one wants a automatic unit, to run like a ballgame, policing up junk, don't get the F5. But if your willing to read the directions to understand them, and Memorize Ground Balance procedure, you will do just as well or better than the one's who feel money is the key. Don't jump through and skim the directions, because crucial questions are answered from one section to another.

I spent 3 hours this morning in a hole, where I went down 15 inches and didn't have the right tool to go down any more. Was reading 50cent silver. I had the hole so large to assure it was not wall signal. Folks who want a deep seeking unit, you JUST MIGHT GET WHAT YOU WISHED with the F5. Using a Estwing stone pick, hammer size, my knuckles were hitting the side and ground was hard. I started with a peep and every few inches into that hole, my F5 got louder, at 15 inches, said I had 1 more to go to target. I am going back in morning with a shovel. Lol,.I was SHOT,but with high Scrim, I know it is something good.

The crucial question I meant, when one sets GB, you turn on the unit, set threshold to the exact point it whines, turn Scrim knob all left into AM-all metal mode. Then using the center pinpoint button, make sure you are in metal free ground. When the pinpoint button pressed and held, does not scream, your in ground with no metal present.. Then proceed to press and hold left phase button. WHILE pumping the unit coil 1-8 inches from ground. While holding the unit, the left number and right numbers will match for a few seconds. That is the visual confirmation that you have Ground balance set.

But what was answered in another section, once you let off the phase button, you still pump it 3-5 times and the numbers don't match anylonger on left and right. But that does not mean it flickered out of balance. The flashing matching numbers,only match for a few seconds so you know its balanced, then you let off phase and it switches into hunt mode. Until I read all through again, I realized it was set just from the few seconds holding phase button they matched. The 3-5 pumps, without holding phase, they don't match because the unit already let you know it was balanced and now is switching into a different hunt mode. It sounds complicated me typing it, but if you read the directions multiple times, (I even wrote GB procedure on cards twice to take out in field, until I memorized it),now I think my F5 can hang and surpass the finest units out there. Sure there are more knob's,Sure Ground balance is manual. But the scrim works better than any unit I ever used. I tune out all junk and pass screaming talk, all for the one little peep. As I am digging,the peep's becomes louder.

I am so deep on a object, I have to go back tomorrow lol I am at 15 inches now. Just like yelling across a lake, if the person is far away, the yell you cannot hear as well until you get closer. Same with the F5.

I have mine mastered because I put the time in with the directions. Anyone cutting the F5, are ballgame player's who run picking up trash and clad all day. For that, save your money and go get a radio shack. If you want to truly get into the genre on the top level, you buy an F5 and read and reread the directions in between taking it out. Use the stock coil, it is perfect. Folks running for new coils,a New coil isn't going to fix they don't know their machine and skimmed the directions.

If proper GB is not set, your using a radio shack for kids, mine as well be. The horse stable I have the hole made now, water sat in the sand and froze for first 6 inches, then into hard, rocky soil beneath. My F5 reads so deep,I spent all my energy and must go back with a shovel Lol. Swinging the hammer pick, my knuckles hit the side of the hole."Be prepared for depth", have a shovel at least in your car for emergency target grabbing.

If you read and memorize the ground balance procedure,and eventually get to max scrim, and walk bye loud talk for the tiny peep, you WILL BE NEEDING A SHOVEL, I promise. My body is saying no, but my mind wants to run back now with the shovel to see what my item is I spent all morning at. What a Great problem to suffer in metal detecting field. If one don't GB proper every time the unit is turned on or off, they will have no depth. That's the reviews you read where folk's whine of finding targets 4 inches down and wanting to go buy a new coil. It isn't the coil lol,.. Buy a F5,use the stock coil, write a card out to take with GB procedure, until you got it down. Hunt slow, only chase peeps, using phones. Even use max Scrim to rule out all junk. Im so excited to get back out there because I know I am reading a real machine. Just because one had a detector before don't mean they are so expert they can just run in knowing it all. The F5 is special and different than all others, but once you learn it proper, you will be KING!!!!!

Depth on a coin Depth Max Depth: 13 inches on US quarter

Overall Rating 5 stars!
Durability 5 stars!
Ease of Use 4 stars
Would you recommend this to a new user? Yes, absolutely!

Cant get a tan, standing in the shade

January 03, 2016
What I have learned, one cannot start hunting, without going through the proper step's to assure ground balance. Cant just go in swinging, must set up for the soil. Colonial era relic's are not going to just jump out like fish. Over the decade's we are able to study subtle change's in terrain and luckily get a peep from a object that has not seen light for 100+ year's.

I have a F5 with the stock coil. I set ground balance, and very little scrim to warm up. I wear phones and chase the subtle Peeps. If you want colonial era depth, the F5 can perform, but be willing it walk bye the loud chatter. Folk's don't realize, they are listening and waiting for your unit to scream. Sure it will scream at objects 4-6 inches down. I can walk around all day policing up trash and clad and spend the entire day and never run out. Stop,SLOW DOWN<-----<<< listen for the peep, the one little peep, and tamp the target to break Metallic atmosphere, take a reading. If your F5 is screaming, it's not targeting deep item's.. Other hunter's don't like to share the trick's, because will be less for them. Don't listen to the loud talk, Concentrate on the peep.

One's who listen for the peep, will walk right in behind you and find the real booty. It's a science, not a ball game. If you dream of what await's your eye, your going to hunt. Sooner or later you slow down and hit, but must keep standing out there, and you'll learn what works. Bare ear CAN NOT hear "THE DEEP PEEP"

Depth on a coin Depth Max Depth: 13 inches on US quarter

Overall Rating 5 stars!
Durability 5 stars!
Ease of Use 4 stars
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Still a fan 5 years later

June 21, 2014
I posted about the F5 5 years ago when I first got it. After 5 years I'm happy to say, it is still my detector of choice over the many that have came since it's introduction to the scene. One reason is the control I have over the unit, and the easy way to simply change settings without going into a menu mode (like the Tesoros).
Another is all the information that occurs in real time on the display. Depth, segment, numeric ID, ground mineral change and a confidence meter of the target. The gain (signal transmit) is controlled separately from the received signal sensitivity (and not as I first reported). This is usually combined under one pot in all other detectors. This allows me to make the signal as hot as possible, while controlling the sensitivity somewhat with the threshold knob, to find that fine area where EMI doesn't effect the signal returning.

The gain makes the metal "louder", so to speak, while controlling sensitivity separate. Something other units do simultaneously, lowering gain lowers sensitivity. I love that control. Once out, I hold the ground phase button, do a few pumps on the ground, cranks the gain about 55 or a little before chatter, threshold around 0, and I'm off.

The retune is fast, so swing it medium to fast. 1 or 2 tone VCO or 3 or 4 tones for segments. No volume control, but I have those on my headphones. Not as heavy as the F75 and higher ends, not as light as the Tesoros. But I can swing it all day with no problem.
The depth is a little better on the 11" DD over the stock concentric that came with it at first review. AM can detect a quarter at 12", but the ID doesn't become effective until 8-9". So use that as a depth guide. The new F19 and F5 use the same coils, even at different frequencies. The F5 can use the Gold Bug coils as well, and can run just as hot at 7.8 khz. Hope this helps.

Depth on a coin Depth Max Depth: 12 inches on US quarter

Overall Rating 5 stars!
Durability 4 stars
Ease of Use 3 stars
Would you recommend this to a new user? I have no clue...

John in ma

January 29, 2014
After completing my second year, I'm very pleased with my F5. I mainly use this detector on salt water beaches. This summer I found 3 14K gold rings and can't wait for the snow to melt and get back out there.

Depth on a coin Depth Max Depth: 6 inches on US quarter

Overall Rating 3 stars
Durability 5 stars!
Ease of Use 5 stars!
Would you recommend this to a new user? Yes, absolutely!

Superb - among the best

November 28, 2013
I was using the XP Deus Lite version - without remote control. Unfortunately no pinpointing facility and lack of ID numbers meant I was going to have to get the remote. This would set me back another 650 pounds - the price of another new detector. Instead, I decided to get an F5.

Well, I'm very glad that I did. I am now going over the same ground as I did with the deus and am picking up stuff that I have missed. Very accurate ID, superb pinpointing and I love the range of tones. The depth is on par with the deus for sure. I don't feel like I am missing out on anything and it feels like I have actually "upgraded" and at the price of only 250 for a used one in exc. Condition. It certainly picks up very deep objects with a very subtle tone. I can honestly say that it is one of the most enjoyable detectors that I have ever used.

Depth on a coin Depth Max Depth: 9 inches on US quarter

Overall Rating 5 stars!
Durability 5 stars!
Ease of Use 5 stars!
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January 08, 2013
My first year with the F5 on the beaches of the Northeast. Found coins galore, a silver ring and a lady's watch. Can't wait till next spring!

Overall Rating 4 stars


Mike Davis

July 25, 2012
I have used the fisher f5 now for about 6 months it is a great machine for the price. You get very decent depth and really good target id. The separate gain and threshold functions allow you to set the machine as hot as you can stand it for any soil condition.
I have found gold, silver, and coins this machine paid for itself in about 2 months of use.

The interface is as easy as I have ever seen for a machine you can turn it on and go, but you can also set it up for specific location and hunting needs. This is a 5 star machine for its price, sure you are going to he more with the f70 and f75, but you will pay more too. I would recommend this machine to beginners and experts alike. I have been hunting for around 15 years, and enjoy this machine every trip out.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


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