Minelab GPX-4500

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Took the plunge and upgraded to GPX4500

July 16, 2011
Have used a SD2100 for over 8 years, found many small gold nuggets with it.

GPX4500 used a 8 inch monoloop coil, deadly on small gold sub 1 gram pieces. Can work directly under powerlines now, can eliminate Electro interference from nearby telecommunication towers.

Went to old gold patch that I previously found gold on and had not found anymore gold with the SD. In approx 3hours found 11 pieces for 2.5 grams of gold. The GPX4500 amazed me because I had searched this area very thoroughly. Note - I could not use the monoloop coil on the SD2100 I had to rely on a DD coil (11inch) at this patch, because the ground noise and interference 'swamped' the SD2100 detector.Not so with the GPX4500.

Overall Rating 4 stars


GPX-4500 review

June 04, 2010
One of the best performing detectors for finding gold. I have used every model of minelab detectors and find that this is one of the best. It has more features than the previous models including digital control. If you get confused with the setting up it can be set back to factory settings by holding the power switch on for 5 seconds. I upgrade these detectors for prospectors around the world.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


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