Headhunter Pirate Pro

Price: $450
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Compact Easy to use great value.

September 05, 2011
The Pirate is more sensitive than the Wader I had. I have used this detector in shallow fresh water and on land. Depth on most of my coins were around 4-6 inches. Very comfortable and fun detector to use.
Never had any quality problems with mine. If you are looking for a detector you can put in a suitcase for vacation this is it.
HH Ron

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Low quality for a high price

December 02, 2009
This machine is basically a repackaged Fisher 1280 machine. It detects well when it works. Do not confuse this with the Dectector pro products of yester year that were made with quality in mind. This machine has lots of design flaws. Mainly the headphones are uncomfortable, the wires easily break. I heard a rattle inside of mine, taking it out of the box for the first time. Opened it up and it was a screw that came out and was bouncing around. Never again will I be tricked by this company. Also beware that the propoganda machine runs strong on this brand. They have many forums that are manipulated to make their product appear like good machines.

In a nut shell, these things are a Hokie design.

Overall Rating 1 star


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