Teknetics Omega 8000

Price: $600
Avg. Score: 4 stars 4.22
Based on 18 reviews

Avg. Durability: 4 stars4.17
Avg. Ease of use: 5 stars!5.00
Maximum detection depth

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The Omega Is Way Too Chatty

December 20, 2011
If you live in an area that has TV towers, radio towers, and electric power poles etc., the Omega will drive you nutty with all of its chattering, unless you turn the sensitivity way down. When you turn down the sensitivity to stop the noise, you lose depth.
Also the threshold is tied to the sensitivity control knob, so when you turn down the sensitivity you are also reducing the threshold as well. With the reduced threshold, it makes hearing the high audio tone very hard to hear on deep targets.
You can get around this by switching over to a single mid-tone audio, but that defeats the purpose of having a multi-tone detector to ID targets with.

This problem would not exist if there were separate controls for the sensitivity and threshold like the Fisher F5 has. Now if you can find an area or pocket that does not have any EMI, the Omega works very well and is a joy to use. It is very light, well balanced and has a very nice easy to read display.
However, if you do decide to purchase an Omega, just make sure you have a back-up detector with you when you head out to do some detecting in a new area, because you never know if there is going to be a problem with EMI or not. If you can afford more than one detector or live way out and away from any EMI, you might be satisfied with the Omega.

Overall Rating 2 stars


Very pleased

October 14, 2011
Don't expect the build quality of a whites but it out performed my mxt I've been hewing for 6a years. I have great soil here I can run it in hi sens. and easily hit 10+ inches.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Omega 8000 - pro and cons from the field

July 27, 2011
Ok , I usually reserve myself from posting opinions but since I just got one and put it thru the paces I figured some uncertain hunters looking to buy one will appreciate this review.

Pro : lightweight , rigid rod assembly , fantastic battery life
( 9 volt battery ) , 2 audio jacks for headphones ,
Large LCD meter , auto ground balance , disc. And
All metal mode , multiple tone responses, non motion
Pinpoint mode, easy learning curve

Parks : I took to a local park and discovered a few things about this machine, less is more when it comes to sensitivity. There is no reason to run this at full.... You can easily with a slight thumb move adjust power, a slight chatter beyond the smooth can hit deep. I pulled a nickel at the EXACT I'd as stated by the manual and other hunters. ( 55/56)
Some hunters complained that this unit is not hot on nickels but I say otherwise. Target I'd is dead on ... When you get numbers only fluctuating between two numbers you can be sure of type of target. Pretty awesome ,......

On the fly ground balance adjustments have won me over, with plus and minus touchpad buttons. I used the supplied 10" concentric coil for this review......
Pull tabs are id very accurately , but remember gold hits in this range and decide whether to dig.
Disc. Function is very precise and knocks out what you don't want... Notch function works well to eliminate or notch in a target type .... Very nice...
found a standing liberty at around 7-8"
Zinc penny's at 6 - 8" ( power setting at 60 setting)
Sinker ( teardrop) at 10"
This is a very capable detector for the park type hunter.

Con : this detector will not function smoothly ( regardless of settings ) around any high power lines.... It will give off a strange cycling sound ( I'm thinking it's the 60 hz rfi ) ..
Anyways it was very unstable from the get go when around high emi..... But once I moved to another area it worked fine... It is from my discovery that it originates from the coil and cable. I removed coil from box to see whether it was something wrong internally but when coil even 5" coils attached ..noise was pronounced .
Cable I would think would be better shielded , I fixed this problem with a rfi choke filter on cable.

Beach : fair to good performance.
Forget wet sand .... Minerals will overpower detector.
Even at the lowest settings, you get a chatterbox.

Dry sand is mixed ... Detector has amazing fast target response , you can sweep in a direction and literally count how many targets it passed over without stopping , very nice feature . It allows me to stop over a target between other targets so I can investigate further.
Depth is adequate , not the deepest but workable.
Other machines are better suited here.
All metal is the preferred mode in dry sand , target visual I'd still works in this mode so you can make better decisions about digging..
But detector is still a bit chirpy, wish it had a silent mode.

Cons : not much other than over sensitive to electronic interference, any high power interference. Machine won't even settle down enough to operate when hit by emi .
No volume control.

It's a great overall machine, easy to master and use ... Just remember to bring your other favorite detector when you run into operating difficulties in the area you are detecting.
Great detector , great price ....

Overall Rating 4 stars


Omega's about as good as it gets!

June 05, 2011
The previous reviewer either had a faulty machine or he was running the sensitivity far too high. If you think you're gonna run this one at 100 you're in for a surprise.
Most places I can't run it over 60, but it still gets great depth and ID's correctly to about 8 inches.

You can run it on the ragged edge and get a little more depth, or you can back it off and it runs very smoothly. I love my E-trac for reasons everyone knows, but the Omega will give it a pretty good run for it's money. And for about a third of the cost.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Omega 8000 review

May 28, 2011
I read lots of reviews on the Omega 8000 and decided to try one. I will say the detector looked good and was very lightweight, but that is about all the good I found with it.

The detector was very erratic and was always calling rusty iron dimes. It was easy to set up and operate but the build quality leaves a lot to be desired. The screen would be very easy to scratch if you brushed dirt off it and the coil ears are extremely thin and would be prone to breakage in cooler weather.

First Texas needs to build some quality into their detectors instead of mass produce them and sell them at high prices. I will never buy another FT made detector after seeing the Omega and its build quality.

You can definitely see Bounty Hunter in the Omega and that means cheap junk to me. I give the Omega a D- rating overall and wouldn't recommend it to anyone. How it gets some of the ratings it gets is beyond me.... maybe I had a bad detector but it wasn't my cup of tea.

Overall Rating 1 star


Best coin shooter in my opinion

March 04, 2011
The Omega is awesome. I like to coin hunt mostly and I have tried many metal detectors in the past and finally found one that fits me perfect. It has good depth, fast recovery speed an accurate target id, its lightweight, and has notch discrimination. The perfect combination for me. The price is reasonable enough so that most people can afford one.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


20+ years experience in the hobby...

November 12, 2010
I just bought this machine after using the Tesoro Cortes for 4 years, I must say it out performs my other two detectors (Cortes and MXT) by a long shot. The TID is spot-on every time and the depth is incredible. My mothers home (circa 1890) has been "hunted to death" over the years by my entire family who also metal detects as a hobby. Needless to say, my new Omega 8000 produced a class ring dropped 36 years ago by my father in law. It was approximately 11" deep and passed over hundreds of times by various other detectors. I also found a couple wheaties, a .22 caliber bullet and u.s. army sergeant pin.

The Omega 8000 has definitely replaced my Cortes and MXT as the #1 grab and go unit. I'm currently preparing a video of targets buried at exactly 10" - the Cortes can't touch them, and the MXT gives a "very faint whisper" whereas the Omega sounds off a clear distinct beep with the TID clearly displaying 56 (gold ring).

Incredible machine and deserves MUCH more credit - I recommend the 11" DD coil and get a Kindle screen cover and cut it to size to fit the Omega's faceplate, because it does scratch easily.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Teknetics Omega 8000

November 05, 2010
Well well I seem to be the first on here to review this machine, I've got one and live in UK this machine my friends is absolutely blistering depth discrim brill, and can I just add that when you discrim iron out its gone and I mean gone however large it is , don't be frightened of build quality on this baby its all there buy buy buy buy.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


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