Tesoro DeLeon

Price: $600
Avg. Score: 5 stars! 4.52
Based on 27 reviews

Avg. Durability: 5 stars!5.00
Avg. Ease of use: 4 stars4.33
Maximum detection depth

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October 11, 2009
Well on this review i'll start stating is this is my 4th deleon and the last two has found me some first's, 1912 V-nickel and a buffalo nickel and other great stuff as well this is a very simple machine to run for a TID, disc, sens, threshold, and the all metal toggle which is just used for pinpointing plus the 10khz which i've found to be an awesome coin freq, and have found the info is about 70 to 80% most of the time does not disc out big iron very well but the tone on iron is very abrupt or will chirp at it so it won't take long to get affiliated with this sound.

Another thing that you will really apreciate with all tesoro's is how light they are and responsiveness to targets, it's sort of works like this as your going along and oh it beeped well go over it again then sometimes it will stop then you know the disc is working just takes it a moment to process also watch the #s on TID womens wedding rings size 10 lock on at 41, mens a little higher in the tab or nickel range just to give you an idea, well to end this review and rambling this Deleon is going to stay!

Overall Rating 5 stars!



February 24, 2009
This my first URBAN detector. I own two other beach machines and know detecting. I can not say enough about the quality and ease of use for the DE LEON. First off, it hits hard and deap with NO signal lag. Coins at the limit of the depth meter(8+ inches florida). The display is large and full of information and small hints to help you interpet what's under the coil. I can tell the difference between a wheat cent and a memorial because I've learned it's language. Accurate I.D. Batteries last forever and no problems with the doors. All the knobs can be reached with the thumb on your detecting hand for INSTANT adjusting. All metal mode puts out a huge signal, pin points so well and goes even deeper. It's lite, can swing it all day, don't even need the arm strap. Coil options are great and the 5" is the first add on you MUST have. All around one of the best out there. LIFETIME warranty!

Con~ It is my opinion that this Detector is not for you if you are serious about jewelry. My air testing of many differnt gold items brought up responses in 3 distinct graph areas. This translates to a lot of digging. Of course your going to dig any pull tab, nickel signal at volleyball courts and swing set areas but I think you get my point. COIN killer! RELICS for sure. Never tried it on the beach. Maybe you'll see gold better then I do on the graph.

5 stars Tesoro! Not letting this one go!

Overall Rating 5 stars!


DeLeon/Tesoro Rules!!

January 17, 2009
I bought my DeLeon used as this is the first Tesoro I have ever owned and was unsure of the brand. This was the best detector purchase I have ever made as it turns out! I have been metal detecting for 20 years and have owned Whites 5900, Eagle2 SL, Fisher CZ-7, CZ3D, Coinstrike, Garrett 2500 and Nautilus2BA.

I was unsure about the single tone and pre-set GB on the DeLeon but I quickly got used to the variances of the single tone and what it is telling me. I have had no problems with the pre-set GB in my neck of the woods. The TID is very accurate, the machine is lite to swing and batteries are lasting forever. No problems at all with the battery doors. I have used the DeLeon 3 times for roughly a total of 12 hours and today I found a gold class ring at 6 inches down in a park! I have never fell in love with a detector so fast as I have this DeLeon. No frills, bells or whistles, the detector does what it was designed to do and does it much better than most other high dollar units. Tesoro for me from now on!!

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Deleon Rules!!!

August 03, 2008
First off, I have not experienced a problem with the battery doors coming open. Read the directions and if installed correctly they wont come open. This is an awesome detector. It reads very deep and is extremly acurate......what is displayed is what is there. Very light weight. There is a LIFETIME warranty on all Tesoros, why I dont know because I have yet to have a problem requiring repair. Pinpointing is dead on. I dont think I will ever purchase another detector.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Simple but great

April 27, 2008
This has to be one of the best out there. I have 26 years of experience and have tried most of the top of the line machines. This is a light weight unit that will not fail you. This tesero deleon has more depth then most of the more expensive machines. Also, a great competition machine and very easy to pinpoint with. Went heads up against my friend for fun, found 20 something coins to his 2 coins. Folks, I am not brand loyal, but if a unit performs, except the facts. And this unit does, plus you cannot beat the life time warranty. Do you wont to spend 800 or 1300 or 400 on something that will perform as good or better? As for me, I like to save money.THIS IS TO ME THE BETTER DETECTOR MADE IN THIS PRICE RANGE EASY. AND IT WILL BEAT MOST OF THE HIGHER DOLLAR ONES TO.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Deleon/kept it simple

March 24, 2008
I've had my Delon for about 4 month. I love this machine to the pont I bought another one. This is my first ID detector. With the different size coils you can use, it makes a very versatile detector. I use the 5.75 coil for trashy areas, 11 inch wide scan for deep coins and relics and the 3*18 clean sweep coil. The clean sweep I recommend to use all metal mode with the threshold to the min to the point of just hearing a hum. You will detect extreme depth of about 12 to 14 inches. To pinpoint with the clean sweep. Use the very front end or the heal to pinpoint. I was about to buy a whites for about a thousand dollars but after using my Delon, why waste the money..

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Best Bang for your buck

November 13, 2007
I have been using this dectetor since it came out a few years ago. I never even look at my older Bounty hunter anymore. I dont know what others have done to their De Leon's but the doors on mine have never come open once the batteries are installed right and closed well. This machine has found me lots if clad coins over the years if I were to guess in 350-400$ range not counting hundreds of penny's. I have pulled silver dimes at 8-9 inch range out of a park that is well hunted and still get mercury dimes from one area on a regular basis. To date I have dug 12 mecury dimes ranging from 1924 to mid 1940's one looks like it just fell out of a new roll, along with sevral silver quarters and halves. This year has been my best yet I have found 7 rings two of which were gold one with a diamond, all the rest were silver one in the same area of the park that keeps giving up the merc's at about 6" deep. I have yet to dig up any real old silver coins but living in the Black Hills of South Dakota I'm sure they too will be found. I am very happy with this unit. I would, and have recomended it to anyone who asks I guess I am very biased as it is a great machine.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Tesoro De Leon Metal Detector

August 01, 2007
I bought this Tesoro De Leon detector use on the internet. I tried it for 2 days, no luck. This Tesoro De Leon doesn't seem to be silent discriminate detector(it chatters all the time)very similar to The Tesoro Cortes. Next there is no pinpoint button on this Tesoro De Leon. To pinpoint you move the toggle switch to "all-metal mode",and sweep back and forth. Next if a coin or object is near the surface of the ground or shallow depth, the Tesoro De Leon's ID reader shows arrows up,and says "Lift coil up". It does this because there is too much imformation for the De Leon to process, because the object/target is too close to the surface. Also the Tesoro De Leon has trouble breaking down with the metal poles. Also there is no backlight on the ID display,ONCE THE SUN GOES DOWN,PACK UP THIS DETECTOR,IT'S USELESS. Also the battery door compartments open up all the time,I HAD TO PUT A LARGE RUBBERBAND AROUND THE BATTERY DOORS,TO KEEP THEM CLOSED! I've gone back to using my old Tesoro Silver Sabre U-Max metal detector (audio tone amchine,with no target ID) comes with a pinpoint button,I've found more old coins & relics with my Silver Sabre than this Tesoro De Leon detector. P.S DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS TESORO DE LEON , BUY THE TESORO SILVER U-Max..

Overall Rating 2 stars


Good machine, once you get used to it.

April 29, 2007
I purchased a Tesoro Deleon and received it Monday of this past week. I assembled it turned it on and went out in my front yard and was digging coins out of the ground within minutes. I have used it for a week now and I have finally gotten the hang of the machine. The TID is very accurate once you understand what the numbers mean. I have found over 200 coins, one ring, a hot wheel car, copper pipe, several pieces of aluminum and some steel. My deepest target was a piece of steel band someone had folded over and over, it was roughly the size of a half-dollar and it was dug out of the ground at 12 inches, measured with a ruler. The deepest coin was a quarter pulled out between 8 and 9 inches. I have not found any silver coins yet but all of the above items came out of my yard!

The machine is perfectly balanced. It has so far run over 18 hours on one set of batteries and I still have over half the battery strength left. Pinpointing with this detector is dead on and easy. Once you have the target in the center opening of the coil whatever you found will be right there. The machine finds iron targets without difficulty and I have so far dug half-a-dozen nails, a couple of washers, some screws and a couple of peices so rusty I couldn't tell what they were. I plan on taking this detector to a couple of civil war sites, and an old slave shack. I did go to the park for an hour and found a ton of pull-tabs and 12 pennies in an hour in an area about 20ft x 20ft. I purposely dug everything to get a feel for the detector. My only two complaints are: One no backlight, Two I don't like where the headphone jack is. Otherwise this machine is awesome!!! I have gone with a friend who has an XLT and found coins that his more expensive machine missed.

Sorry for the long review but this detector is truly awesome and Tesoro has a lifetime warranty. I will buy another detector soon and I'm pretty sure it will be a Tesoro

Overall Rating 5 stars!


DeLeon with a useful target ID

April 24, 2007
I have had this unit for several years and it is my grab and go machine. It's lightweight, balanced and no pin pointer is needed as the coin is always located in the small hole in the middle of the coil. The target ID can be useful and I attached the following as a guide after air tests: Small gold 20-30. Nickels 33-39. Ladys gold ring 35-41. Mens gold ring 41-54. lead bullet 58. Rifle brass 62-68. Zinc penny 66-78. Coins all 95. I started with a Tesoro Inca and I find that I often dig regardless of the Id when the sound is right. In parks, I often run with the discriminator level between foil and nickles. But when the tabs are real thick, I put the discriminator on zinc where unlike the clear tone of coins, tabs give a short chirp. Just Raise the coil 6-8 inches above the ground to Identify and eliminate aluminum cans that register at 95. I once found a clad quarter at 12 inches (it had oxidized the soil for a couple inches around). Only negatives: Not good at the beach and I hold the battery cover closed with a large rubber band. A great unit for the money though.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


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