Whites Classic I

Whites Classic I Price: $200
Avg. Score: 3 stars 3.44
Based on 9 reviews

Avg. Durability: 4 stars4.00
Avg. Ease of use: 5 stars!5.00
Maximum detection depth

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It works.

October 31, 2013
My father gave me a coinmaster 1 a long time ago. I get it out once in a while for something to do. I find coins just about every time I use it.The sound is very strong on a coin.

I love to find out what is being detected. It is fun to find things buried for years, dated things are best. I found dog licenses one from 1946. Also,coins from 1940. You never know what you will pull out of the ground. This low cost detector is a cheap way to get excited and kill time.

Depth on a coin Depth Max Depth: 6 inches on US quarter

Overall Rating 4 stars
Durability 4 stars
Ease of Use 5 stars!
Would you recommend this to a new user? Yes, absolutely!

Whites classic 1 or sl

July 17, 2011
OK, if you get a chance to grab a bargain on ebay for £50 approx get one of these from the 1990s approx date what a belter absolute bargain basement machine, has control box at the top of stem ..the one you want has control box at the top like the xlt...in the usa some of the die hard detetorists use this machine still.

Good whites usa build quality wont let you down and one control switch turn it up until you hear a broken signal then go 4 coins. Set up real easy chuck horseshoe on floor ..turn up switch till you here a broken signal and check if it still picks them lovely coins.
Blast from the past real good cheap whites classic 1 or sl ...the sl you cant change the 8 inch coil where on the classic 1 you can but both are belter machines for the price.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Whites Classic I

April 16, 2011
My wife wanted to try detecting with me and I found a new in box whites coinmaster classic I for about $90.
The recovery speed is pretty quick, depth in the clay we have around here was surprisingly good, We pulled a mercury dime at 4 or 5" the second day we used it, and simplicity of one knob is a big plus. The only downside I see is you can't interchange the coil, as its hardwired.
I would more rate it a 4.5 do to not being able to interchange coils. Over all a very well built light machine to use.

Overall Rating 4 stars


For the price......yes!

March 22, 2010
Okay, I bought this detector over 10 years ago and still use it. It is not my primary, but it still gets used. For the price you pay for this detector it is right on. I was hunting with this detector right along side guys that had the high priced units and hit a honey hole of silver coins. It has a discrimination knob that helps discriminate out unwanted items.

I have a huge collection of coins that I found with this detector, so if you are going to go coin shooting you WILL find coins. Great starter detector and great to hang onto when you upgrade so the kids or a friend can use one and hunt with you. I use mine to gain permission to hunt someones property. I just tell them if I can hunt your property I will bring a detector for you to use and hunt with me.

Overall Rating 4 stars


Think before you post please

November 11, 2009
I don't get the post below mine. How can a person say, this is his first and only detector and then judge it to others? I hold no weight with posts such as these. This White's Detector is a well made and effective for finding treasure.

Overall Rating 4 stars


Reliable but Dated

August 27, 2007
This was my first, and so far only, metal detector. The Classic I is a very simple, easy to use machine that would be ideal for an entry level detectorist to pick-up-and-go. As another reviewer mention the battery life for this machine is extraordinary. The drawback with this machine is that, owing to its simplicity of discrimination, you'll be digging a lot of scrap iron, pull tabs, and other unwanted junk. While the classic was good for its day (I acquired mine ten years ago)there are now better beginner detectors on the market (Garrett Ace 250, Whites Prizm series).

Overall Rating 2 stars


Whites cl sl ll

October 12, 2005
just writing this for the classic sl ll as there is no heading for this machine,, i wonder why,, its a great machine, ive had my classic sl two,, for a couple of years now and its just great, you have to take time out with the discrimination in getting this set right,, i used a box with dirt and coins in with junk and allsorts and just play at it,, it works,, once set up mark your points and away you go,, quite deep to, ive found roman coins the size of a dime at 9inches this machine can show others up no problems,, happy hunting all....

Overall Rating 3 stars


Good For Entry level m/d

May 03, 2005
I got this detector as a gift. has been great. No mechanical problems. Battery's last a lifetime in this machine. As it has no bells or whistles. There ia a turn knob for a discriminator. You hunt for anything. Will get lots of iron with tis machine. Looking to move up to a Garrett 250.

Overall Rating 2 stars


Good first detector

January 27, 2005
I have been using the classic 1 for over a year and it is a pretty nice detector for someone that wants to try the hobby out to see if they like it. I have found lots of stuff with it. It doesn't have much depth at all but does find coins, jewelry, relics. But if you're just starting out, I would suggest getting a little better one like a classic id or idx pro, you wont be disappointed.

Overall Rating 3 stars


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