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Head Hunter Pulse

August 06, 2011
Detectorpro committed a public relations disaster when they advertised their units for underwater use. After prolonged periods underwater, too many of their headphones leaked which led to headaches for everyone.
Wisely, they have changed their advertising on this count. These units are waterproof, which means you can hunt in the rain, or get splashed by a wave at the beach, or even drop them in the water and you should be fine. But do not take these units diving or keep them underwater for prolonged periods. They will leak eventually.

As for the Pulse, it is an amazing PI detector. It comes with either an 8" or 11" coil which are replaceable, but choose your first coil carefully as they are very expensive to replace. The 11" coil will go deeper but is harder to pinpoint with. I found the 8" coil gave me all the depth I would ever want and pinpointing was easy.

The Detectorpro Pulse also has an exterior volume control. That is a great feature to have which most PI detectors do not offer. You can set the volume for your particular environmental needs at that particular site and for that particular day and you don't have to open the control box to change it, as you do with most PI detectors.

Like all other PI detectors, it will not discriminate metal but hit on everything it comes across, from hair pins to gold rings. You will dig it all, which some people will get frustrated by in trashy areas or in areas with concentrations of iron flakes.
You must understand this PI detector is very sensitive to small targets, including gold, but it will sound off on tiny junk also. It just goes with the territory.

I will add that the coil is the most solidly built coil I have ever seen and should last a long time. The shaft is very sturdy and did not wobble in the slightest. And I cannot emphasize enough the light weight of this unit. Having everything built into the headphones did not weigh down my head at all and I was able to swing it all day without any fatigue. It is a first rate PI detector.

Overall Rating 4 stars


HeadHunter Pro.

March 24, 2010
Having used the head-hunter pulse, as an underwater detector this machine is completely useless.
The one I bought leaked on the second dive. After having it repaired it leaked on its next dive.
None of the above dives were below 5 meters or 16ft
Good detector on dry land but terrible underwater.

Overall Rating 1 star


Headhunter Pulse

October 17, 2009
I purchased the HHPI for saltwater beach hunting and my observations are: The unit being operated with the 8” coil (actually 7 13/16”) in the surf using the slowest pulse delay or the highest tone frequency is the most smoothest operating PI unit I have ever used, and the most sensitive unit I have seen in responding to the smallest of gold items (small chains, ear rings, and very small rings) over a foot on a nickel, spectacular! (Five Stars). But you will dig smaller junk items as well, which is common with any PI.

The unit using the 11” coil is more unstable and requires a reduction in frequency or increase in pulse delay to make the unit useable almost to the point of losing sensitivity to small gold. It responds to the slightest change in saltwater depth, falsing loud with a wave and then a loss of threshold after it passes. Extreme coil control and slow sweep speed is key as the factory set SAT is slow. The larger coil is more difficult to pinpoint with. On the beach in the wet sand it will detect targets extremely deep, very comparable in depth to the dual field. (Three Stars).

The unit I purchased is rated to a depth of 100 feet, the black unit not the latest white one. I just use the unit for wading. The third time out using it I went underwater about two feet to recover my sand scoop and it flooded on the battery side of the headphone compartment destroying my rechargeable batteries. I take care of my equipment and practice preventative maintenance, the O-ring was inspected, the unit is new and was never dropped, no cracks. I would not trust the housing of this unit for any underwater use. (Zero Stars).
Great electronics, terrible housing.

Overall Rating 3 stars



June 15, 2009
I have owned the pulse for four yrs. and very impressed with it. The first week I use it on wetsand I found a baby earring the size of 3k diamond at 14-16" WOW very impressive!! Gary Storm is right, made for one thing....to punch deep for GOLD!! I have made my money 10+ time over, I hunt with the best here in New England and all agree..... the pulse is a killer PI!!

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Headhunter Pi Pro, Not for diving.

February 14, 2009
There is good and bad news,
First let me say that the sensitivity depth and weight of this machiene are all good. I have both the main detector and its optional probe attachment.
However where the units falls down badly is in its claim to be water tight to 30M or 100Ft. I bought the PI for diving and it leaked at 6m or 20Ft. I had to post it back to the USA and they repaired it.
Apparently and in the case of the machine I have the ear cups are prone to cracking.
so if you are on the beach,surf its great.
If you are going diving get another brand.
I gave it 2 stars it should get 4 for detection and none for its claim to be water tight.

Overall Rating 2 stars


Hard to imagine a better machine

July 05, 2007
Purchased my HeadHunter PI a year ago as a backup to my White's Beach Hunter ID. Needless to say, my HeadHunter has become my first choice since day one. It's light weight, very deep and turn on and go! I hate to admit this but I've walked away from some hits because I simply got tired of digging. The last 2 times out in the surf/wet sand produced 2 gold rings...one with a small diamond and the other with a 2 carat ruby. The downside is that HeadHunter PI likes all metals. I counter that by going a little further out into the surf where people are less likely to throw away trash. I'm over 60 and thanks to this machine's design I'm able to hunt 5+ hours every time out.
email me anytime for pictures of my finds...

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Remarkable detector!

June 05, 2007
I live on Cape Cod MA., and have been hunting the beaches with a Whites MXT. It is a great machine but when I go into the wet sand I have to turn the gain way down in order to make it stable, resulting in loss of depth. I would put the MXT up against any land detector made but I decided on a PI unit for the beaches.
I recently purchased a Headhunter PI and have been out several times with it. Every time I go out I cannot get over the depth that this machine has. I found my first gold ring the other day and it was a good 12" in the wet sand. The hh rang out loud, clear and repeatable. I have found coins even deeper than 12" in wet sand.
I would recomend this detector to anyone looking for a PI unit at a reasonable price.
This summer promises to be a great one now that I am equiped with this remarkable detector!

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Great detector!!

June 30, 2006
I got this detector in the winter, when there wasnt many targets. Now that it has warmed up, i am constantly getting coins, and the occasional gold. I have gotten used to it, and i can tell if the target is junk or not. It is good on gold, and goes deep!! There are not many reviews on it, but trust me, this is a great detector!!

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Headhunter Pulse

October 15, 2004
I bought a HH PI and can say that this is the best PI detector I have used. I do own a Fisher Impulse and the HH PI blows the Impulse out of the water. The coins and jewelry hit loud with this detector. If I had the money the only other detector that will out do this one is the Goldquest which is out of my budget range. I will conduct another field test when my HH PI returns from repair.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Headhunter Pulse

January 05, 2003
I recently purchased a pulse headhunter detector to use in the carribean on vacation to hunt for rings and coins. I live in colorado and won't be going on vacation for a couple of months.

I took the detector to a nearby park where they have sand around the playground equipment. I found a penny at 7 inches and a 3 inch long nail at 13 inches. I planted a ladies gold ring at 6 inches and received good tone, a man's gold wedding band at 10 inches and a nickel at 13 inches. These gave good hard repeatable tones, something you would definately dig.

I couldn't get good hard repeatable tones deeper than these depths. I was very impressed with this detector and the depths it gets. I have been detecting for about 14 years and have owned 8 other detectors.

I am posting this review because i couldn't find very much information on this machine before i purchased it.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


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