Minelab Musketeer

Price: $300
Avg. Score: 5 stars! 4.69
Based on 35 reviews

Avg. Durability: 5 stars!4.67
Avg. Ease of use: 5 stars!4.67
Maximum detection depth

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Musky ... fast and deep

January 19, 2009
I have a Musky with the standard 8" and the 12,5" detech coil. The 8 is quite good, not a deep monster, but very fast on the target and quite sensitive on small targets at good depths. The 12,5 detech is very very deep, 3 feet on a WW1 German helmet, while still discriminating medium sized iron (granade's splinters). I give it 5 stars, it can fight against every detector on the market. Think to the fact that it is a masked Relic Hawk ...

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Musketeer v e-trac

January 16, 2009
Hi everyone, musketeer v e-trac, fact 1.the musketeer goes just as deep as the e-trac. 2 musketeer alot cheaper than the e-trac. 3 the musketeer will pick up more rubbish than the e-trac but not always. 4 the end of the day if your over the object the musketeer will pick it up like all other deep detector. 5 fact. 6 trust me.

Overall Rating 5 stars!



October 09, 2008
Hi all,just to let you know what a great detector this is, I have found a nice silver Edward 1st dated around 1279 about 10ins down. Fantastic. You don't need to spend loads of money on a detector to find what your looking for. If your detector goes deep like the musketeer you will find it. Great detector.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


The best

September 22, 2008
I've only been metal detecting for only 4 months and so far with his detector I have found, 600 year old ring, 1 Roman brooch(bow brooch)very nice, 13century finger brooch, silver coins dating back from 1580, over 100 copper coins dating back from 1600, 4 mine tokens dates 1789 to 1799, musket balls and loads more stuff.
What does that tell you about this detector, fantastic.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Advantage, by all means!

April 17, 2008
I bought this detector from ebay u.k. secondhand for 195 pounds sterling. It paid for itself in 15 days! Total score since I bought it two months ago beachcombing mostly wet salt sandy beaches with 7" coil: 456 cash Euros in coins, 626 undercurrent (older)coins, 26 silver jewellry, 16 gold jewellry, at amazing depths! 2 cent Euro coins at 11" down! Woman's slim golden ring with diamond at 13 down! Man's silver ring 16" down! Inland medieval small bronze various items 12" - 15" down! WWII Italian unexploded 75mm (3")howitzer at 65cm (26")down still with the 7" coil!
Oh yes! This detector proved equal or superior to my old Tesoro Eldorado. Drawbacks? It seems rather to be a aluminium foil loving machine! But as with most discriminating detectors, just an advice folks:Keep discrimination low and anyway and in any case no more than 1/3 up.If you do not dig up a little bit of junk you will not dig anything else either!
Comments contact spstephen@yahoo.com

Overall Rating 5 stars!



August 18, 2007
Not a bad machine, not great either, it is firmly ensconced somewhere in between. My experience with using this machine is that it seems to love picking up iron; a bit too much. Also it is heavy and rather basic, but then what are you to expect for the price? On the flip side, yes it does go down just as deep as most other detectors and I have made some decent finds with it. The search head is also a decent size, and the control box is easy to master, and unlike earlier versions of this machine there is now an option to mount the control box under the foam arm rest, this is far more conducive to counter balance the machine. In short, if you are looking for a solid entry level machine that isn't going to break the bank then I suspect you could do far worse than this.

Overall Rating 3 stars


Minelab advantage pound 4 pound the best

August 05, 2007
Brilliant machine ,this must be the biggest secret in metal detecting, depth is right up there with the top end machines costing loads more,ease of use simple,ground balance a doddle,and the 10 inch is a killer,what a machine for the price,and you wont dig iron with a minelab,sensitivty of this machine is fantastic,in a word stunning.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Sorrey Guys

July 14, 2007
Dont waste your money its a toy i have been relic hunting for 15 years here in VA & had 10 machines the best for me is the Fisher CZ & 1270 & DMC 2B.... dont even think about the SE LOL wow what junk for 1200 i sold mine & gave away the mus no deep Toy minelab needs to get there act straght or just sell to the UK market VARELIC69

Overall Rating 1 star


Minelab Musketeer Advantage

February 08, 2007
This machine when learned and you can learn it quick, will impress the best of us, descrim, is right on target location is quick and very accurate, low cost and high performance, go get one and save, what you would have spent on a high end machine that will do no more than this one on depth and descrimination. Simply put , this one smokes.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Advantage is the best

November 23, 2006
I like the Advantage alot it is a great metaldetector

Overall Rating 5 stars!


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