Whites Prizm IV

Price: $450
Avg. Score: 4 stars 4.14
Based on 21 reviews

Avg. Durability: 3 stars3.00
Avg. Ease of use: 5 stars!4.75
Maximum detection depth

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3 years just purchased 2nd Prizm IV

September 10, 2008
I love my Prizm, and I have lots of detectors. Just purchased a new one with the 9" spider coil. These are good, solid, reliable detectors. Easy for a novice to operate. If its not working for you its broke or your not using it correctly. Been detecting since 1968. I think its the best in it's price range.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Prizm IV - Negative

August 31, 2008
Not having the same kind of success these other people have been having. For me, I call it my clad machine because that's all I've found. I've never found anything beyond 4 inches except for beer cans that give a false signal of a .50 cents and won't give you a bad tone until you're about a half inch over it. Never got a solid hit on anything beyond 3 inches so I figured uping my coil to a 9.5 was the solution - now I can't get a solid hit on anything beyond 2 inches.
Also, I was curious as to why I wasn't find any nickles so I tested one - the only way my machine will beep at one is if I make a super slow mo pass at it about an inch away. Also, it does give some phantom signals in the ring range on wet sand that will send my wife digging for hours with no result.

Overall Rating 2 stars


Prism iv

September 04, 2007
To Bill in Tampa Florida. Don't carry your metal detector in a hot car trunk, you will ruin the electronics and void the warranty.

Overall Rating 4 stars


Still unsure

January 23, 2007
I bought my Prizm IV about 3 weeks ago after having been away from the hobby for several years. My last detector was a Whites Eagle II. I wasn't looking to spend that much money right off the bat this time so I went with the Prizm IV. I have hunted with it and done pretty well in the coin finding arena. Not having the best weather lately I have been limited in my ability to get out and spend a full day hunting. I find the pin pointing ability of this machine to be a bit eratic. In other words for me, it has been hard to find the center point in which to dig my target. I find myself wishing that I had sprung for one of the more expensive Whites models. Something comparible to the Eagle II that I had. I would love to hear some feedback from those of you that have experience with the various Whites machines and tell me your thoughts.

Overall Rating 4 stars


Composition Correction

July 31, 2006
I would love to see a metal detector employ the ability to determine metalurgical property and display that information accurately. However, to the best of my knowledge, that feature only exists on paper. Today's metal detectors, just like their original ancestors, depend on the laws of electromagnetic induction. That means that they measure conductivity or how "excited" the object in the ground becomes when subjected to eddy currents. There is a big difference between composition and conductivity. I scratch my head and wonder how a person can give an objective review when the basic fundemental operating parameters of ANY metal detector is grossly misinterpreted.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


New to detecting but learning

July 13, 2006
I purchased a Whites Prizm 4 on Ebay used. I have had it about 3 weeks now. I have searched in my back yard, a little bit at the local park and at the beach. Sense I have never detected before I can not compare it to others but I can say this works great. I find everything. Once I learn to tell the different tones and get the pinpoint down so I dig less I will be deadly with this. I have found about two dozen coins and a gold wedding band already at the beach. This detector finds coins in the sand and dirt 8 plus inches deep. I say it?s better than some of the other brands because there are others that search the same beach I am and I am finding coins over places I am sure they have covered. Two nights ago I found a nickel buried 9 inches deep in the sand and clay. I do find a lot of soda can pull tabs but once I figure the toning out hopefully I will be able to skip them. It even hit on a copper line In my back yard I did not know was there that was buried a foot deep.

Overall Rating 4 stars



June 05, 2006
I have been metal detecting since 1970 when I entered my first Treasure Hunt. I was using a Gardiner discriminator detector at that time. Little did I know about the advanced technology that goes into todays detectors. The Prizm IV is the greatest. I purchased it new on ebay for a mere $300.00 what a deal, I then purchased the 9.5" coil for it and WOW, what a difference from the standard 8" coil. I have been in Panama City now for three days and have hunted the beach every morning. So far have found a gold ear ring, silver necklace pendent, umteen amount of coins, lots of nickels, I might add, and my favorite, old style pull tabs. Ya got to take the bad with the good, the three tones really make it nice as well as the easy pinpoint mode and the super easy to use controls. Best investment I ever made for a detector. I purchased a White's Classic 5 and immediately sold it to purchase this one. A very wise decision on my part. You don't have to learn hardly anything to use this one. Has similar features of the XLT and other high priced machines. Surely the last one I will ever buy. Can't speek highly enough of this one. email me and I will tell you more about this fine machine.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Prizm IV...excellent detector

May 25, 2006
I have used my Prizm IV on heavy farmland,and I am really pleased with its performance.I have found Roman and Medieval coins and artefacts, with depth and signal being clear and accurate.I do sometimes get a ghost signal....but no more than with any other machine.
The LCD is clear and understandable and the lightness of the detector is a major plus.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


First metal detector

April 14, 2006
The first metal detector I bought was a Prizm IV. I purchased it with the supplied 8 inch coil and I purchased the 950 coil as well. The Prizm is very accurate on target ID, pinpointing, and depth. If it tells you that a quarter is 5 inches underground, and you then use the pinpointing option you will find the quarter 5 inches under the ground in the center of the coil. I also love the three tone target ID option, I always use it. The smart notch funtion is ok, but I never use it. I have some other detectors that seem to be more sensitive to small metal objects at greater depths than the Prizm IV, but they are not always accurate. I have had good depth results with the Prizm IV, I found a button at nine inches. I have had some "ghost signals" and that is bothersome. By that I mean you get a good target signal and you start to dig. You cut your plug start to look for the item; you can't find the item, and you run the detector over the area again and it reads nothing. It runs very silent and sometimes you may want to check to make sure it is still on. It is very light and you can detect all day. The LCD screen is very easy to see in the bright sunlight and with sunglasses on! There is a lack of accesories for the detector though. IT would be nice to have a smaller coil for the trashy areas rather than a 950 or eight inch coil. Earlier I said that if it says a coin it is, for you new people to metal detecting don't let that fool you. It is accurate 95% of the time, but what it is doing is reading metal composition. I have had toy cars read in as a nickel. I would not hesitate to recommend this detector to anyone new. It does not have a big learing curve, and I found coins out my first time not knowing anything about detecting other than watching the video and reading the manual.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Nice detector

February 11, 2005
I purchased the Prizm IV as a back up to my XLT. I carry the Prizm in the trunk while working in case I spot a target of opportunity. I really like this detector. Also fine on the beach with the 950 coil. I have found pennies at 6 inches in wet salt sand. Standard coil don't really work in the wet sand.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


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