Minelab X-Terra 70

Price: $800
Avg. Score: 5 stars! 4.56
Based on 32 reviews

Avg. Durability: 4 stars4.33
Avg. Ease of use: 4 stars3.83
Maximum detection depth

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Confirming Irwin above

November 21, 2010
Irwin down under is 100% correct. What a combination! The Whites Surf PI Dual Field and the Minelab Xterra 705. I have the DD Eliptical and feel it works just fine on small gold.

Overall Rating 4 stars


X-Terra 70 works

October 27, 2010
I did the usual, try the cheaper model and not be satisfied. The X-terra does it all. Almost too good. You can figure out what's down there before you even dig because there's so many ways to "look." You can see the size and shape of the object, what it's made out of and how deep.

With the 6" coil it will hit on a tiny speck of gold, but only if it is not in an area with a lot of background noise with hot rocks or rusty metal flakes all over. Nuggets large enough to be worth keeping are just not out there anymore from my experience.

This detector will cover all the bases, coins, relics, tiny nuggets, whatever, and with all the different tones, prospecting mode, and various other modes and settings you can almost see underground with this thing.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Xterra 70/705

May 22, 2010
First off, let me say that I have tried about every high end TID machine out there in the last 2 years.
Now, let me give my honest review of the Xterra 70/705. 1st off for relic hunting, make sure that you get the 10.5 7.5kHz coil for open field hunting, the stock 9" concentric coil just does not cut it.
The next choice would be the 6"dd 18.75 coil for the real trashy spots around homesteads and in yards.

The Xterra is a really simple platform to set up and use. Just noise cancel when ever you get to a new site. I always use all metal, 2 tones, sens as high as you can and auto tracking. The new 705 has a auto track offset that lets you set the GB either + or- but I have rarely used this feature.

Balance and weight with the 10.5 coil can be bothersome to some, but can be fixed with a $20 Whites straight rod part instead of the "S" middle rod. The straight rod completely changes the balance to make the 10.5 coil lighter.

I have had 4, yes 4 Xterra 70's. I traded them off for other machines that I thought might beat the performance of the Xterra. I returned to the Xterra 705 and decided that for the price and performance, it just cant be beat. I have no problem digging targets at 12" with the Xterra and the 10.5 coil combo.
It is such a more smoother running machine at high gain than anyother that I've tried. It is a shame that Minelab is so far behind on orders for this great relic machine.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Xterra 705 rocks

April 22, 2010
Use xterra 705 since a few months (besides a whites surfmaster dual field for shallow water)

Its definitely the best all-round machine available on the market, had big success on the beach, discrimination is great, very often I know even which coin it is, in Australia, esp 2 dollar coins are small and give a nice 30 on he display, also 8, 22, 24 and 28, sometimes 32 are coins ....

Pinpoint mode is great, also prospect mode, try xterra with 6`` coil in creeks and you'll find smallest gold nuggets!

Auto ground balance / tracking, beach mode is awesome, the machine is very light and I outperformed many people with etrac and other detectors on the beach because of my short handle sandscoop, takes me just a few seconds to get coin after coin and I simply search the spots where most people sit, swing coil very slow and also walk very slow, AND dig very fast.

Search mostly in prospect mode and switch to coin mode just to discriminate, on trash area I use coin mode with pattern 2 or 3.

In parks machine works great, only on black sand sometimes its a little bit difficult, just use beach mode and tracking .... or pulse induction machine if there´s not too much trash.

Together with whites surfmaster dual field I rock the beach, also go to creeks in golden triangle sometimes, 6´´ coil is awesome, also elliptical coil but this one only finds bigger nuggets - 3 grams or more and not to deep.


Overall Rating 5 stars!


Minelab exterra 70

November 21, 2009
OK, when I purchased this machine I did have my doubts, however after using it all the good reviews about the xterra 70 are spot on, its a mid range machine with lots of detecting varitions, very good depth on a cut silver hammered silver penny aprox 6 inches, UK copper pennys aprox 12 inches, I use the stock 9 inch coil 7.5khz, maybe I will invest in the dd 18khz at a later date. Yes its a good machine, I'm not gonna bang on much more coz Tom in NW Lower put in a very good review as well and has said most of what I had planned to write, buy this machine you wont go far wrong and with minelabs customer service being so outstanding thats another massive plus when buying there machines.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Great Machine if you take the time to learn it

September 21, 2009
I've had my X-terra 70 for almost a year now and it has been hands down a better machine than any of the other major brands I've tried. Its not a depth demon, but 8 to 12 inches on small to can size targets (respectively) is more than adequate in most settings. Great seperation and reasonably good identification make this an impressive machine. I love the tone ID, even in all metal (rare feature to find in any machine), light and well balanced and better built than a lot of the all digital machines now coming out. You can't go wrong with this machine.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


This machine does it all, and very well at that!

January 09, 2009
I purchased my XTERRA 70 in december of 2008. I've played with detectors before but really knew very little about them and took the advice of the salemsan at my local sporting goods store. I am so glad I took his advice! I wanted an all around metal detector that I could coin shoot, relic hunt and nugget shoot with. I bought the detector and spent about 8 hours testing with it. I then took it to the park near my home. The first day, I found a beautiful gold and diamond mens ring (which actually fit me) a gold cross and chain, and numerous coins! I then took up nugget shooting as I live in Nevada and have numerous places to go. I went out 3 times and found 11 nuggets in all, all relativly small but together they totaled 3/4 of an ounce. Finally, I went to Arizona with my brother to a known placer field, and hit paydirt! I found a 12.7 ounce nugget, a 3.2 ounce nugget, and a 3.5 ounce gold nugget! All in an area no bigger than my home! I have sent pictures to Minelab with a big thanks and hopefully they will post them soon. This detector is relativly easy to learn if you read the book and watch the video and take the time to test with it. Then all you need is some luck and you cant lose...

My only complaint is the earphone jack is located on the side and is a bit of a pain sometimes because your earphone cable can snag when you set the detector on the ground to dig targets, but I can live with that.This machine is very capable, and really shines in high trash areas. It has built in modes to choose from when you first start but you can edit and save settings when you become more experienced. I bought the eliptical DD coil for gold hunting and it is VERY sensitive! I would definetly buy this again in retrospect. In fact, it does so well with the gold I dont have any plans to upgrade!

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Excellent Detector

July 31, 2008
Like many people, I did my home work and researched this machine for about a month before I bought it. I can honestly say that this detector is just as good or even better than what I expected.

The display is large and easy to see. The pin point feature is dead on and it's easy on the arms to swing for several hours.

One side note here.. READ your manual. Watch the DVD and PRACTICE with your machine daily.

The more you practice with the X-70, the more you will understand what it is telling you.

Once you understand the display and understand the different tone(s) you are hearing, you'll find yourself knowing what a good target is vs. a bad target.

Again.. the key word here is "Practice". It will pay off in the long run as it already has for me.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Hold the phone !

July 13, 2008
This md punches deep (for a handheld) Today mine picked up a 1949 quarter at 2 feet !!!! With the stock coil !!!! That to me is pretty impressive, as my friend had just gone over the area with his whites dfx....He challenged me to follow him as he swore that the xterra 70 would not pick up on anything that the whites didnt....Well well , what do we have here ? a quarter at 2 feet ? WOW !!!

Overall Rating 4 stars


One of The Best Multi-Purpose Detectors Made!

April 22, 2008
After many hours of use I have found the X-Terra 70 to be easy to learn and one of the best, if not the best, multi-purpose detectors out there. It is very reliable on the beach near where I live and when you switch over to the eliptical coil it makes a good prospecting detector. In the 18.75 khz mode it does like iron but so does any other detector at or near that frequency. In the 7.5 khz it makes a great coin/jewelry detector. If finding silver coins is your thing try the 3 khz mode. Overall this is one good detector!

Overall Rating 5 stars!


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