Fisher 1266X

Price: $600
Avg. Score: 5 stars! 4.88
Based on 17 reviews

Avg. Durability: 5 stars!4.86
Avg. Ease of use: 5 stars!4.86
Maximum detection depth

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Killer Relic Machine.

June 17, 2011
Owned mine for almost 15 years and would only sell it when a better and deeper relic machine came along. Still waiting! Never had to replace anything but the batteries. It goes DEEEEEEEEEEEEEP with the 10 inch coil. And I love the second disc button. It really cuts out those square nails we relic hunters love to hate. Fisher needs to bring this one back! I see them on ebay once in a blue moon but they sell high.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


It should be called the Chinaman!

March 12, 2011
The best detector fisher ever fielded period! That machine has found me bullets a foot deep! I would crank that sensitivity up until that sucker would sound like Aliens trying to contact me! With the dual discriminate it just ate buttons and bullets! But like everything they do away with the great stuff and you get Garbage!

All this high tech bells and whistle over priced GARBAGE! You know the ones that cost $1000 or more Then if you want better depth they want another $200-300 for another coil! Or after buying one they have a recall on them. Or they add a $100 dollar coil too it. Call it a different model and charge you $300 more for it. And the performance is the same or worse! Just my thoughts on the new stuff.

Overall Rating 5 stars!



March 09, 2011
I used to use the 1266 from a buddy of mine, well long story short he carried to a shop to get it tuned and all but could not afford to get it out so I went and got it and very pleased with it and yes it goes deep, I dug a nice gilted flat button it was over a foot in the ground!!!!!!!!! It has found cannonballs bullets buttons even took it out to va beach one day and found a 1/4 karat diamond engaugment ring with it!!!!!!!

Overall Rating 5 stars!


The 1266-X is the Best Relic Machine EVER Made.

July 01, 2008
I've had my 1266-X for 16 years straight, and it's still going strong--never had to have a repair. These machines are seldom seen online for sale used, even though they work for decades. That's because people don't want to give them up. The machine goes incredibly deep for relics--to be honest, this depth is probably only eclipsed (coil size-for coil size) by the new Minelabs. The background "chatter" (which can be annoying to the novice until he/she learns the machine)is Invaluable in locating iron patches which indicate former occupation of a site. You would have to take most detectors, and either hunt in "All-Metal Mode" (which is annoying), or hope that you hit a signal other than iron in your first pass through the patch (to let you know that the site was there!).

With the 1266 (and '65), you can hear that background chatter of discriminated iron--and still run the discrimination high enough to knock out some of the small iron. I've dug CW bullets out of pastures in Virginia with this machine at over a foot deep. And the sensitivity knob (when soil conditions allow you to max it out)makes it almost like you're hunting with a 22 inch coil when you have the 12 inch on. You can hear good signals which are just out of reach of your sweep "almost" break through the audio threshold and you'll know to zero-in and sweep directly over them. The experienced user can also tell how big a target is, roughly how deep it is, and what it is through thumbing the knobs as well as the sound of the beep itself(an idea which was lost on the makers of many of the newer computerized "ID" detectors). I'd challenge any of the comparably priced "meter machines" to a head-to-head contest for accuracy in depth, target ID, and target size Anyday.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Had mine for about 8 years

September 17, 2007
On the last review I learned something. I did not know the sensitivity button pulled out. I have used it with a 10" head on max sens. (button in) and found civil war bullets at 19". I know this sounds like a stretch. It was in wet ground and no leaves. Rain washed areas. It will not find them this deep with leaves in the way. I put it up in lew of a DMCIIba Nautilus. I like the descrimination of the Nautilus better. However, it takes a 15" head on the Nautilus to go that deep on a bullet in the same conditions. I will have to break the fisher back out and find some shells this year.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


No hype, just deeeep!

July 05, 2007
The Fisher 1266X can get large coins at 12inches, as measured carefully by a ruler. I've found a womens cosmetic case (2.5 inch diameter) at 14 inches. The 1266X still had a few inches in the tank. If you can get a second-hand one at a fair price, do yourself a favor and get it.
P.S. I'm not selling mine.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Fisher 1266X ...A True Legend

June 21, 2007
The Fisher 1266X is very well known among veteren metal detectorists as one of the deepest units ever made. One reason for this is the dual (push-pull) sensitivity knob that works similar to a double stacked tuner. Push the knob in and turn for regular sensitivity and pull out and turn for super deep operation! You hardly ever see one of these used units for sale because people keep them! Found gold rings at 8 inches deep in searched out beach areas!

Overall Rating 5 stars!


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